6 ways to Improve Your Instagram Organic Reach

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Many marketers noticed a reduction in their organic reach and engagement after Instagram began using an algorithm to sort posts on the feeds of users. But you don’t have to be among the people complaining about this recent change of tact by Instagram. If anything, you can still reach more followers even with this new algorithm in place. In this article, we will be telling you 10 simple ways of increasing your Instagram organic reach. Also, we will delve a bit into purchasing Instagram followers and the best site to buy Instagram followers if you decide to go that route. Read on to learn more.

  • Find your optimal posting times

While Instagram has since adopted the use of an algorithmic timeline, it’s still important to post at optimal times. It means you should post when the vast majority of your followers are online.

While it is certainly not easy to understand your followers’ activity, and it will take a long time, it is important to ensure that you post when most of them are online.

With Instagram Business Profile, it’s easy to take a look at your Instagram Insights to see the time that most of your followers are active. It should be able to pinpoint the exact time of the day and day of the week.

After determining the ideal posting times, try to schedule the posts to ensure that you consistently post quality content.

  •  Curate user-generated content

User-generated content is one powerful way of growing your Instagram business account following.

By curating user-generated content, you can encourage the users to not only engage but also share the said content. Because the Instagram algorithm takes into account the relationships you have with users when ranking, you might be helping your content to rank higher on your users’ feeds by building relationships with them.

Research shows that, other than organic reach, UGC is 35% memorable and 50% more trusted compared to traditional media or non-user-generated content. It makes UGC a viable strategy to deploy when you want to increase your organic reach.

  •  Tell Instagram Stories

Even if you find the best site to buy Instagram followers and purchase, you are not likely to go far when you don’t deploy the right strategies. One of these time-tested strategies is to tell Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are prominently located on your app, usually above the feed. Stories let you remain on top of the feed of your followers so you can get a lot of their attention. By letting your followers regularly view your stories, you could make your post to rank on their feeds much higher.

You also need to note that the Instagram algorithm also ranks stories. To help your stories rank better, take some time to create great stories.

  •  Create specifically for Instagram

Creating content that’s specifically designed for Instagram is one way of creating quality content. Because it’s a highly visual platform, Instagram focuses more on video or photo than text. This means that an Instagram post may be different from a Twitter or Facebook post.

For a solo social media manager or smaller teams, it can be difficult to consistently create unique posts for each platform. Repurposing content or cross-posting can also be a good idea. If you do that, it’s advisable to create specific captions for each platform. This is because your followers may be following you for different reasons on different platforms.

Thanks to Tailored Posts, it’s now possible to craft customized captions for specific social networks. It is hoped that this feature will encourage you to be more creative when it comes to creating your social media posts. This will help drive even more engagement.

  •  Ask Questions or Host Contests to Spark Encouragement

When it comes to spurring interaction of users with your posts, asking questions, or asking them to take a specific action is the most effective technique. Also effective is to host a giveaway contest to engage followers. Below are some tried-and-tested call-to-actions that you may want to try.

  1. Tag a friend that you consider your favorite marketer and both of you will be entered into the competition.

  2. To get entered, tag a friend that you think is rocking it on social media!

  3. Share your best emoji party combination in the comments section to enter the contest.

Although giveaway contests tend to generate more comments compared to usual posts, try to hold them a few months apart and not every other day. This will keep things exciting and fun.

What you can do more often is asking a question in your Instagram posts. Most of the posts that are most commented on, apart from the contest posts, are those with questions.

  • Be a great Instagram user

The vast majority of social media algorithms tend to be designed to encourage authentic, positive interaction on the platforms. These include showing appreciation, sharing, and quick replies, among other things. Often, they also try to discourage hacks or abuses.

It, therefore, means that being an avid Instagrammer will help you grow your reach over time. It includes the following:

  1. Posting not only quality content but also one that’s relevant to your audience (be it inspiring, entertaining, or informative).
  2. Quickly answer any questions on your posts
  3. Thanking the people that take their time to comment on your posts
  4. Exploring the profiles of other people, engaging with their posts, and also cultivating relationships with them.


You should always remember that the biggest objective of the Instagram app, and indeed most social media networks, is to ensure that users are happy and that they enjoy the experience. Investing in the time and effort to create good experiences for your followers will go a long way in increasing the organic reach of your posts.

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