Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers? We Set the Record Straight

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Buying YouTube views and subscribers is the fastest way to organically grow your audience. It explains why more and more marketers seem to be in a rush to buy YouTube subscribers. That said, it’s still a tricky market to navigate. You will need to identify only legitimate and credible providers to deal with.

There are a lot of lies being told about buying YouTube subscribers. However, the truth of the matter is that, if you buy real YouTube subscribers from credible sources, it will do more good than harm to your channel. In this article, we tell you the benefits of purchasing YouTube subscribers and whether it’s something you should invest in. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of buying YouTube subscribers and views


When done right, purchasing YouTube subscribers can benefit your channel and videos in more ways than one. Below are the benefits of buying YouTube subscribers, likes, and views.

It makes you look popular

Those who have started a YouTube channel will tell you that it’s far from a child’s play. Despite doing all the right things (making high-quality videos, frequently posting them, and using your tags, thumbnails, descriptions properly), many viewers will still use the view count factor to gauge the quality of your video.

This is the same mindset that subscribers have. Upon seeing that you have a low reach, they will assume, wrongly, that your content is not worth watching. What happens next is that they will move on and look for another video with a more popular channel as well as viewership. You certainly don’t want this to happen.

One of the best ways to make your channel look more popular is to get real YouTube subscribers. This also has other added benefits like making your video attract more attention and entice users to click through to the video you have posted.

Build an organic audience

By now, you probably know that the chances of a viewer subscribing to your video or channel when you have only a small following. By the same token, it is safe to argue that the same viewers will be more willing to engage with your content when you already have a big following.

This principle is called the Bandwagon Effect, and it means that people tend to make certain assumptions depending on the actions of the guys around them.

If you begin to buy legitimate subscribers and grow your view count, you will make your channel appear likable and influential. This will act as social proof to potential followers. It will even affect their decision to subscribe to your channel or watch the videos.

What used to be paid viewership can easily morph into a substantive following of authentic organic viewers. Also, the more subscribers you have, the more will be your chances of reliably achieving high view counts, and buy youtube subscribers can increase your very traffic site.

It helps you target the right audience

Videos worth 300 hours are being uploaded to YouTube every minute, so you can imagine the type of competition that awaits you. One other thing to note is that these videos cover a whole range of different topics.

When you create a YouTube video, you do so with a particular audience at the back of your mind. The challenge, therefore, is to figure ways of how to reach this audience.

One way is to use sponsored ads in buying YouTube subscribers. This can help you to advertise your video to the people that are most likely going to like your videos.

Buying YouTube subscribers and promoting them through other popular channels like Facebook enables you to run a highly targeted campaign.

There are many ways of targeting your viewers, and this includes their demographic criteria, the topics they are most interested in, or their location. This ensures that your ad reaches the right audience and gets them to watch your videos.

With time, you will see your organic audience grow larger and larger. They will start talking about your videos and even share them with other users. When used properly, this can be a crucial networking strategy that lets you start to build an authentic following of people that are more engaged and tuned with your content.

It improves your ranking

When ranking video contents for a given keyword, one of the things that Google considers is view count. Purchasing views enable you to rank highly on Google, and this is sure to improve your video’s credibility.

I cannot overemphasize how important it is to improve your ranking on YouTube. Have you ever gone to the second page of Google? I doubt you haven’t. That’s what happened with viewers. They don’t have the time to go to the other pages of YouTube just searching for your content.

You are guaranteed more exposure to a large number of viewers when you rank higher in Google. With this greater visibility, it will be easier for you to gain new organic subscribers. Mix this with a couple of paid subscribers and you could be on your way to owning a successful and active YouTube channel.


Don’t just stop once you have got real YouTube subscribers. More crucially, you need to advertise on YouTube. And since Facebook continues to grow as an influential social media network, your videos will be seen by a much bigger audience. More importantly, they will be seen by a highly targeted audience that is already interested in watching your content.

You can go even further and post your YouTube videos’ links on any of the other digital assets that you own. These include your website and other social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, and Linked to mention but a few.

Other places to market your videos are through niche online communities such as Facebook groups and Reddit.

Remember that relevancy is crucial. It’s no use posting in a large community just because it has high membership. Instead, you want to go for online communities that are linked with your content. The guiding principle is to ask yourself if there is any value that your video will add to the group or forum. If it won’t, you shouldn’t post there.

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