The great debate: mobile betting versus desktop betting

Mobile gambling

Mobile gambling has changed the way we bet on sports and it’s never going to be the same again. The sports betting industry has changed beyond recognition in recent years with advancements in technology and the rise in popularity of mobile betting changing the playing field.

Long gone are the dark old days of having to brave the weather and visit a high-street betting office or casino to place your wagers. It can now all be done from the comfort of your own home at the click of a button.

A new way of doing things

A young gambler would now scoff at the idea of writing your bets down on a little piece of paper using a miniature pen then wait in line to place your bets before the advertised start time. It would then be time to sprint home and follow the live scores on the radio or Teletext.

With the benefit of hindsight, it does seem just a bit strange.

You can now bet at home using your desktop computer or on the move through a user-friendly mobile app. Bet in comfort knowing you can gamble pre-match or in-play, check results, deposit and withdraw funds and take advantage of promotions, including free bets.

What’s better, mobile betting or desktop betting? It’s a debate that continues to divide opinion. Throw into the mix the small number of gamblers who have stuck hard to the old ways of betting face-to-face and it becomes even more interesting.

It’s a debate we wanted to find an answer to so enlisted the help of the sports betting content team at SeoBrothers who gave our readers their expert opinions on the matter.

Betting to a new audience

We’ll start by saying we are huge fans of both online and mobile betting. Online gambling was, perhaps, one of the biggest things to ever happen to the industry. It brought sports betting a whole new audience and led to the number of wagers placed on fixtures skyrocketing.

Gamblers sitting at home went from planning a visit to their local betting office around their day to place bets in bulk to gambling on more horse races, more football matches, and more sporting events shown live on television. It is just so easy to do and convenient. That led to its own problems, of course, with some placing many more bets than they were comfortable with.

The betting industry responded to that by bringing in several effective measures to allow gamblers to limit their activity, take a break from it, or close their betting account. Bookies also provided help and support to customers who feared they may have a problem with gambling.

Desktop betting

Gambling using a website allows you to bet with comfort and ease, playing at your leisure. There’s no need to rush things. You can study the odds available at different bookmakers following the launch of Serbian MightyTips to ensure you are getting the most generous quote available. You can flick through promotions and special offers, picking up free bets, risk-free bets, enhanced odds, extra places each-way, and money back.

There’s no need to deal in cash either. To pay for your bets you simply link your betting account to your bank or e-wallet account and instantly move money or using bet365 bonus. It’s the same when withdrawing funds. If you have bagged a profit on your bets you can withdraw your winnings in a single click. The transfer times vary depending on your chosen payment method. but an ever-increasing number of options offer instant access to your winnings.

Another important feature of desktop betting is the ability to watch sports through a live stream completely free of charge. At the leading betting apps if you have placed a gamble on a sports event you can usually watch it for free on your desktop computer at no extra charge. When watching horse racing, football, greyhounds, and tennis there are also in-play betting odds on the same page.

Mobile app betting

Originally, we had planned to set out the benefits of desktop betting and mobile betting then compare the two before settling the debate. We abandoned that strategy as, during our research, we found there was no debate whatsoever.

Why? Well, the main reason is you can do all the same things on mobile as a desktop but when using an app you cut the tethers holding you to your home. Mobile apps allow you access to all betting markets, promotions, banking, live streaming, and customer service. If you can do it on a desktop site, you can do it on a mobile app.

The striking difference between the two is you can turn everyday situations like a lunch break, shopping trip, visit the stadium or commute home from work into an opportunity to bet on sports. When downloading a betting app you’ll never miss the chance to bet on and watch your team and missing the value is a thing of the past.

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