4 Best Content Types to Add to Your Social Media Strategy to Assure Engagement

Every channel on the internet requires some sort of content to provide information and engage the users to perform a specific action towards a brand or service provider. This content on the internet falls into several categories created over the expanse of a few years. All these sorts have their own purpose and ways of engaging with a reader.

Selecting the right kind of content to administer in your social media channels can help the strategy and get the right audience. Social media calls for engaging and provoking content than other channels and can get you leads fast with it. Here are a few essential content types every social media profile should contain in order to bring in good leads:


No matter how much provoking content there is on your social media, nothing beats long-form and informative content whenever needed for any post. These can help you build authority and credibility in your business and help you get through important information about the brand. In this type, you can incorporate snippets or links to helpful articles, guides, blogs, and others if needed. Make sure to develop these pieces of content beforehand so that you don’t use too much time when the need arises within a post.

4 Best Content Types to Add to Your Social Media Strategy to Assure Engagement

Promotional Images

Social media is an excellent place for any kind of promotional content. It is a collection of platforms that have traffic eagerly looking for offers and discounts.
You can display such things with the help of promotional images and product pictures. These attract surplus leads and help you get them directly to your website through landing pages. Ensure to use these images to the fullest by including foolproof CTAs and content.


The social channels consist of users who require easily digestible and fun content that is useful and educational at the same time. For this purpose, infographics can help you best explain and breakdown concepts and make them engaging for the readers.
Infographics are lengthier and chunkier images that are far more informative and easier to digest. It’s a great way to add more graphics to your content than written and dreary descriptions. Create high-quality infographics with statics and further supporting content with great graphic design.

Press Release

Your brand’s mentions or interviews with an influencer or any other interaction can help you get recognition on social media. As influencers rule the social media world, they can really have a say in where your brand can be placed with other competitors.
So make sure to get any mentions made by the media figures on your page and, in this way, garner trust from the audience. You can also set up a meetup with an influencer to get some awareness if there aren’t any mentions on your brand yet.


Gifs are a polished and much better counterpart to both videos and images. They can give an intensified touch to your posts than a lengthy video or a definitive photo. You can use these to really stand out from the crowd and present something new. Gif content is excellent to get scrollers engaged in watching a 3D motion or animated gif move several times for amusement. However, creating these pieces of content can be more challenging than simple images. If you think this could be your content for your brand, check out https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-make-an-animated-gif to start creating easy pieces.


Social media stories haven’t been around for long but have made a great impression on users. These content pieces help users give glimpses of their lives to their followers. Stories are quite enjoyable and a way for followers, friends, and family to keep up and stay with the flow. You can use these for your brand as a means to start promotions and get the audience’s attention to your page. You can also provide your customers a little personal touch and help them get a glimpse of behind the curtains to get them interested.


Some content types work better for social media than for websites. One of them can be reviews. As social media is like an open book and followers need results fast, displaying reviews and testimonials in between posts is imperative. These screenshots of customers’ and clients’ endorsements can help your profile stand out by being influential. Make sure to use the best ways to get your reviews by providing quality service to your customers and asking for their esteemed feedback in return. This way, you can build your authority and increase your rating on channels that promote it.


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