4 Reasons Why Your Leads Aren’t Converting

4 reasons why your leads not converting
Generating leads and converting them into sales can seem like a very simple process when everything goes right. On the other hand, it can seem like an impossible challenge if you’ve been hammering away at it for months without any impressive success to date. What could be causing your conversion rate struggles, and what can you do to fix the situation? We’ll answer those questions and more below by explaining the top four reasons why your leads aren’t converting:

1. You’re Not Following Up

Many novice marketers don’t understand that leads don’t always convert on the first try. Sometimes, their initial interest and engagement are just primers that are preparing them mentally for the experience of actually following through. The thing is, they’re not going to follow through on their own – you have to provide a bit of a push. The way you get them to follow through is to follow up via email. If you can’t get them to convert, at least try to get them to give you their email address so that you can add them to an email list and send out mass follow-ups using a software like MailChimp or SendGrid – the two top email marketing programs, which PieSync.com has compared in an article if you’re not sure which you should be using.

2. Your Landing Pages Aren’t Good Enough

your landing pages not good enough
This one doesn’t need to be a very detailed tip because it’s pretty straightforward: your leads might not be converting because, simply put, your landing pages just don’t look great or have convincingly written and formatted content.

3. You’re Targeting the Wrong Leads

If you’re not using platforms like Facebook Ads to conduct highly specific audience targeting, you might just be putting your promotions in front of the wrong people. Try to spend your time generating leads that will actually convert instead of targeting anyone who will click on your link.

4. Your Product, Service, or Website Just Isn’t Appealing Enough

While it can be difficult to admit that the root of the problem might just be the quality of whatever you’re offering, in many cases that is exactly why the leads are not converting. You have to remember that even if you can get them to click on your link or ad, come to your landing page, and read all of the content there, they still need to be convinced that going with your brand is better than choosing a competitor.

your product not appealing enough
If a simple comparison with an alternative is enough to sway them away, then you’ll be losing leads unnecessarily. Thus, before you put forth a bunch of effort into getting a ton of leads, make sure you’re offering something that they are definitely going to want.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Leads

The best way to make sure you’re sending leads through a process that is going to facilitate a high conversion rate is to simply go through the chain of events yourself and honestly determine whether you personally would be convinced enough to commit the desired action. This simple exercise can work wonders in helping you discover obvious flaws and optimize the convertibility of your ads and landing pages.

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