Top 5 Tips from Google Analytics Experts to Increase Conversions

top 5 tips from google analytics experts to increase conversions
Google analytics may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these reliable tips, you can utilize this analytics service to track, understand, and ultimately convert your visitors into customers. We’ve put together 5 Google Analytics expert tips, so you can begin to increase your conversions today.

Tip #1: Monitor Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to the number of visitors that come to your site, that end up “bouncing”, or leaving after seeing only one of your pages. This is an important metric because it is showing you that your site quality is lacking. What you want is people to stay as long as possible. The longer visitors stay, the more likely they are to purchase. By monitoring your bounce rate you can quickly update your site as needed to improve your customer experience.

Tip #2: Analyze Your Organic Traffic

On Google Analytics you can measure your traffic easily by searching under Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. This is where you will see your sources of traffic and various marketing channels and how well each one does. You can also understand your audience by simply clicking the audience tab. You will be able to learn their location, pages they view, and sites they came through. The more you know your potential customer, the better equipped you are to meet demand, throw out what isn’t working, and increase what is. This is an excellent first step for any SEO strategy.

analyze your organic traffic

Tip #3: Internal Search Optimization

Your internal site search provides critical data.  For example, you will want to know how your visitors arrived at your site and what words they searched for on your site. Here are some elements to look into, so your site can be optimized:

  • Sessions with Search – this refers to the total number of completed searches on your site
  • Total Unique Searches – Unique means people specifically searched your site
  • % Search Exits – This calculates the percentage of people who left your site after doing a search
  • Time after search – provides you with the amount of time your visitors spend after doing a search

Tip #4: Tip #4: Optimize traffic by Location

Usually, more is better, but with this expert Google Analytics tip we are looking for quality SEO traffic. Knowing why your visitors come and from where is very important. Let’s say your target audience is London, you can easily find out the performance of that specific area and compare it to other location performance. Analyzing the location and the reason visitors came, will drastically improve your site.

Tip #5: Slow Loading = Low Conversions

slow loading low conversions
When it comes to sites, specifically responsive sites, nothing will kill your company quicker than slow speed. Over 40% of people leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. What does that mean for your company? If your site is making $100k a day, a 1-second delay is costing you over $2 million in lost sales annually! Make sure every page loads quickly. Check error codes, get rid of redirects, and trim down your JavaScript. Saving one-second of load time can make all the difference. Access this data on Google Analytics’ Average Page Time Speed.


These Top 5 expert Google Analytics tips are game-changers. Knowing your bounce rate and why your visitors are leaving, optimizing your internal search so you know which words they searched for to find you and where they were sent from. Make sure your site loads as fast as possible, removing all those annoying delays. By using each of these tips you can increase traffic and conversions.

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