How to Boost Your Brand in Miami

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Miami stretches all the way from the Florida Keys to Ft. Lauderdale. More than 4.5 million people call Miami home, and it is one of the country’s top multicultural centers. New businesses pop up every day and experience growth quickly. But with so much traffic, it’s easy to get lost in all the commotion.

Whether your brand is a small startup or an established business, companies in Miami employ a variety of techniques to get their businesses seen. With people’s patience for online advertising waning, and the use of ad free streaming services and ad blockers becoming the norm, marketers have no choice but to get creative.

There are a variety of ways to get buzz around your brand in Miami. It is important to consider who you are advertising to, and what method will successfully get your brand in front of them. Miami brands that make use of digital and out of the home advertising methods for the highest level of exposure, typically see the most traffic to their websites. Here are the ways to work around ad blockers and get your company seen.

Social Media 

Digital advertising has changed a lot over the years. Ten-minute TV commercial breaks used to be the prime method of digital advertising. However, with streaming services becoming the norm, people seldom have the patience to sit through a sixty second ad, let alone an entire commercial break. This is why marketers love social media influencers. Having a real person that has built trust with an audience representing your brand will help instill confidence in your product, and drive traffic to your website. We’ve seen companies sell out their entire inventory by having the right person mention their product online.

Miami has become a hotspot for social media influencers, so there is no shortage of people eager to represent your brand. The cost of advertising through social media influencers can vary greatly by their follower count. Brands with less capital can find influencers with a smaller follower base, but in a niche that fits their brand.

We know that social media in general is a great way to get your brand out there, however different demographics are typically found on different platforms. If you are selling life insurance, for example, your target audience may be on Facebook. If you are trying to advertise baby products, you can find parent age millennials on Instagram. Brands aiming for high school or college students will be best served on TikTok. Knowing where to find your audience is crucial because if the right people aren’t seeing the ad, it is rendered ineffective.

Outdoor Advertising

With all the digital advertising methods available, it can be easy to overlook outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising has remained an effective method of marketing to an audience because it doesn’t require people to invest a large amount of their time to absorb it, and they cannot be affected by online ad blockers. You can also more easily connect with locals and groups of people that may not be influenced by social media.

Miami billboards are typically stationed in highly visible, heavy traffic areas. Miami has a variety of tourist attractions like the Miami Seaquarium or Bayfront Park. Sports stadiums and arenas are a staple from the Hard Rock Stadium to Marlins Park, and the University of Miami is a large university with several campuses. These are prime areas to take out an ad nearby. Just as with social media, outdoor ads need to be placed strategically to be effective.

With the right location in mind, billboards can be just as successful in calling people to action as an online ad. While an online ad will likely redirect you to the company’s website, a billboard can direct people to brick and mortar locations. If you’ve ever been on the highway and hopped off at an exit because you saw ‘exit left for McDonalds’, then you can attest to how effective these call-to-action billboards can be at getting customers to where the marketer wants. If you have a business that is right off a major road, taking out a billboard to help direct customers to your store can be a great method for growth.

Just as with influencer advertising, billboards are also fit for a variety of budgets. Different locations, sizes and styles will run at various price points, making it easy for a small startup to engage in outdoor advertising.

Start Growing your Brand in Miami

In Miami, the possibilities for advertising are endless. Large and small businesses alike have a variety of options for getting their brand seen, so make sure your business takes advantage of these great opportunities for growth.

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