How Video Explainers can Help Your Marketing Campaign

how video explainers help marketing campaign
The high competition in various industries is contributing to the tremendous growth and popularity of digital marketing. While text content is important to a marketing campaign, most prospects aren’t patient enough to read an entire text before being informed about a product or service.

There are times a potential customer is genuinely interested in your product, but they are ‘lazy’ to read text content about your product. Hence, they start skimming your content to know more about your product or service. But their purchasing confidence would have reduced significantly. Thus, they might choose to purchase a competitor’s product rather than your product.

Marketing statistics prove that the combination of explainer videos with influencer marketing results in an 85% purchase rate.

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You can use a 90-second explainer video to explain what 10-page report. It’s no wonder why explainer videos continue to grow in popularity. Generally, videos are easily digestible and create a more lasting impression on viewers than readers of text content.

Here are seven ways explainer videos can boost your marketing campaign:

1. Increase web traffic

When you combine a good SEO strategy with high-quality animated marketing video, you can rank #1 in a YouTube search/ hence, you can reach a larger audience because you can direct those who watch your videos to your website.

Apart from YouTube, you can also include your animated explainer video in your blog posts, on social media platforms, and your email campaigns.

2. Boost your SEO efforts

seo 942019An effective explainer video increases viewers’ time on your website. Google’s algorithm loves websites with a low bounce rate, and they rank them higher in their search results. This increases your organic traffic. When you combine the results from Google’s organic traffic with that of YouTube, you have monster traffic coming to your website.

3. Higher conversions

If you have a high retention rate of the number of visitors to your website, you can convert most of them to subscribers and over time, paying customers.

You can use animated marketing video to nudge visitors to take the action you desire from them. An effective explainer video should be educative, engaging, entertaining and explain your business within a few minutes.

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Also, you can create trust and identification with your audience since you have already established an emotional bond with them. Research has shown that the average conversion rate for explainer videos especially on your landing pages is 20%

4. Higher click-through rate

Animated explainer videos are usually effective for achieving high click-through rates in your email marketing campaign. Your audience pays attention to these videos and is usually more engaged.

However, the downside to using explainer videos in email campaigns include a reduction in downloading times and compatibility with user’s devices and software.

5. Brand enhancement

By creating entertaining and catchy animated videos, you can:

  • Reflect your brand identity and culture
  • Make your audience identify with your brand and consequently, become your brand advocates by sharing your videos on social media platforms and commenting them

Since most people prefer to watch rather than read, animated videos can help you connect with your audience at their level and get the most out of your videos without excessive spending. For more information about video explainers visit .

6. Improved Shareability

It’s no secret that explainer videos are the easiest online content to share. Your audience will share your explainer videos because the story is fun and catchy while the content is engaging and informative.

Since videos are taking over most social networks, the emotional powder and the information content in animated marketing videos makes them more likely to be shared than any other videos. On social media, the story behind your product or service in your video is more important than features or benefits of your product or service. People will always share the video with the most engaging content.

You can monitor the performance of your videos (whether explainer or not) using the paid promotional services of the social network you’re using.

7. Less expensive

Compared to the ROI it brings, video explainers are cost effective. Also, it is less expensive compared to production of videos where you have to hire actors, rent cameras, lights, microphones, and post editing experts; you can create animated explainer videos by hiring a professional voiceover actor, graphic designer, and a sound specialist.

Recently, there are now tools such as Explaindio that you can use to create simple but effective animations without investing too much on logistics.

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Here are three other ways to boost your marketing campaign with explainer videos:

1. Target the right audience with your video

When you use animated video explainers for your marketing, you have to match your video, postcard or gif with your target audience. When you perfectly understand your target audience, you will know how to present your animations such that it will be acceptable to them. For example, if your target audience are SaaS founders, your explainer video must be a ‘story’ about hi-tech.

2. Integrate your explainer videos with other forms of media

These other forms of media include apps, events, webinars, social platforms, and TV.

If you combine animated explainer videos with other forms of media, you can achieve better results with your marketing campaigns.

During meetings where you have to display graphics, chats, and drawings, you can keep attendees from being bored by using entertaining and educative animated explainer videos.

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3. Insert the appropriate call-to-action (CTA) at strategic points

If your target prospects are new, the CTA in your explainer video can be a tour of your product. As they go deeper into your sales funnel, you can show them an educational video that proffers a solution to their problem.

Examples of effective CTA you can use in your explainer videos are:

  • Go to our website
  • Share this video
  • Sign up for our email list
  • Learn more


Now you know explainer videos can simultaneously increase engagement and boost conversions, your next step is to create your first explainer videos. Unlock the potential of your business by using animated videos wisely. Your explainer videos should be:

  • Directed towards the right audience
  • Less than 90-seconds
  • Shareable on all social media platforms

If you need high quality and effective video explainers, but you find it difficult to create one, consider hiring an explainer video company.

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