Optimising Your Facebook Messenger Marketing

how to optimise facebook messenger marketing
Facebook Messenger marketing is a valuable channel for brands to build and better their communication with customers. This is because they are able to personalise their communication.

With that said, achieving high engagement rates is a bit tricky with Facebook Messenger. However, should you take the below suggestions into consideration, you might have a winning social marketing strategy for optimising your Facebook Messenger marketing.

Be Interactive

All your conversations with your customer should be personal and engaging in tone. Your messaging should be interactive and tailor-made to provide your user with the opportunity to learn more about your product, service or brand.

You can also add Call To Action in your messenger marketing approach, encouraging your customer to engage and most importantly how to engage with you. For example, Facebook allows you to customise an automated reply for people who contact your page when you’re not at your computer to reply to them. This is a very powerful tool to use because you can manage your audience’s expectations as to when someone will be in contact  with them and they won’t feel that they are not receiving any type of service from you.

Pick The Right Community Manager

pick right community managerYou need to get people who understand your brand like your PR person, to give a customer who is willing to engage with your brand in real time, an honest brand experience that is of the quality that you would provide in your one-on-one conversation about your brand.

The right community manager could create an experience that deepens and strengthens your customers’ brand loyalty. Remember that some people use Facebook and other social media channels to voice their frustration with a brand so a community manager needs to be able to deal with these types of customers in a way that won’t damage your brand’s reputation.

Treat Messenger Like A Channel And Not A Platform

Remember that Facebook Messenger is meant to continue the conversation, that’s provoked or incited by a post or an ad that your fan may have seen on Facebook. The learning here is that a messenger channel is not meant to compete or to be utilised like a platform. Don’t base your marketing effort solely on messenger, instead treat it like a plugin that amplifies your brand’s interaction and helps to convert a lead that is generated by an ad.

Deepen Your Live Events Engagements

Did you know that Messenger can be exceptional when brands use it to engage with their customers around live events? You can keep your customers informed and involved by sending your LIVE Events attendees information prior, during and after the event. This gives your brand an opportunity to interact in a more personal and direct level with your customers.

Messaging Style And Frequency

facebook messenger styles
As exciting as Facebook Messenger maybe we need to treat it like any other private inbox. Unlike e-mails, Facebook Messenger offers grand claims for amazing open rates, yet this shouldn’t cloud the way you view messenger, it is just another inbox.

We should take learnings in the errors made with SMS and e-mail marketing and take into account the messaging style and the frequency of our messages. Keep your messages focused and have one clear Call To Action. If people indicate that they don’t want to receive marketing from you, respect this and make sure that they don’t get added to your marketing lists again.

With the rise of people’s preference for communications via instant messaging such as Facebook Messenger, rather than any other channels, the potential for you to market your products, services or brand through Facebook Messenger becomes even more significant. However, as we said before, you need to treat this channel as you would any other way of communicating with your audience members: be respectful and don’t spam them. If you do end up spamming them, chances are very good that you’ll lose them from you community for good.

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