10 Awesome Tips for Making Your Videos That Drive Huge Traffic

how to make videos that drive huge traffic
There’s no doubt about it. Videos will continue to be the go-to method of communication in the coming years. According to a Cisco study, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video by the end of this year and 75 percent of all mobile traffic will be video by next year.

So, how will you compete for viewers as this trend continues? The reality is that any video can drive amazing traffic if it’s done creatively and strategically. You just have to know how, and we want to help. Here’s a list of 10 awesome tips to get you started.

Tip One: Birth a Killer Idea

It all starts with a great idea, right? The first step is to come up with fabulous content. If you’re not sure where to begin, tap into resources like the Motion Array video effects for some creative ideas.

Tip Two: Create an SEO-optimized Headline

Once you’ve got your content nailed down, come up with a headline that will help your viewers find you. What will they type into the search box? Be sure your headline tells how you will solve their problem and connect with them emotionally. Brainstorm a bunch, sleep on it, and choose the best one.

Tip Three: Plan Video SEO

What? Video SEO is a separate issue? Yep, and there are easy ways to optimize it. First, be sure that your go-to link is at the top of your description so it’s easy for viewers to click-through. Second, research and use your keyword within the first two dozen words in your video description, and make sure your 250-word description addresses the viewer problem and your solution.

Tip Four: Become a Master Videographer

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Becoming a master videographer will help you create engaging, and high-performing content. You’ll also be able to make changes and edits at any time if needed. This will allow you to be responsive to your viewers’ comments and reactions.

Tip Five: Add Livestreaming

Today’s technology on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat makes it easy to create a livestream when you want to connect directly with your viewers. Whether you’ve got something to share that’s just more awesome on a livestream or a critical industry announcement, consider adding this to your video channel.

Tip Six: Solicit Influencer Marketing

Word-of-mouth may be the most effective marketing tactic out there, and referrals to your videos from YouTube celebrities with lots of subscribers can drive traffic to your channel. Select your influencers carefully, and make sure you share what’s in it for them as well.

Tip Seven: Include a CTA

Ask and you shall receive. Your viewers are there watching your video so be sure to take advantage by asking them for what you want. A simple call-to-action to like or share your video or to subscribe to your channel can boost your traffic down the road.

Tip Eight: Choose Custom Thumbnail

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The YouTube thumbnail is your first interaction with a potential viewer. Make it catchy and appealing to attract click-throughs. Don’t settle for a generic thumbnail; invest in creating a custom one that represents what your video is all about. Be sure to add an annotation box to increase clicks as well.

Tip Nine: Tag It Up

Simply put, tags describe what’s in your video so YouTube can find it. Think about one-word descriptors that summarize your video or phrases that do the same. Add some generic, high-level descriptions that a potential viewer might Google as well as common misspelling related to your video. If you want to go the extra mile, pick some competitors’ videos and check out their tags for ideas.

Tip Ten: Create an Intro Video

Think of it as a video equivalent to an “about us” section. Introduce yourself and your channel and let you potential viewers know what they can expect on your channel. Empathize with what your viewers want, their likely pain points, and what they are seeking in finding your channel. Then summarize why your channel is the best place to be in the long run.

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Experienced video producers and newbies have consistently found that these 10 tips are effective in helping you increase traffic to your video productions. Try a few or all of them and watch your subscriber numbers climb.

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