How Can You Use Instagram Stories As an Effective Marketing Tool

using instagram stories as effective marketing tool
Instagram stories can be employed as a powerhouse marketing tool to boost your business to a great extent. You can easily use your business platform on Instagram or your personal profile to reach out to people and organically promote your business. With the help of a number of functions of Instagram, it becomes extremely easy to engage a crowd that you think might be relevant to the growth of your business.

Curate your stories

Unlike posts, stories don’t stay online for a long time period and cannot be edited once they’re put up. This makes it vital for the user to check out the items that need to be included in a particular story for appropriate promotion. To keep the audience connected, you can use stories as teasers of what development your business might be going through in the form of video or audio clips. Relevant images with catchy and crisp captions can also be used to serve the same purpose.

Put the Instagram tools to use

You might be wondering about the innumerable hashtags that follow Instagram posts and stories of famous brands and even ones which have been recently set up. These hashtags, geotags or even Instagram stickers help in being recognized among similar posts or stories. Geotags tend to assist you in the geographical discovery whereas hashtags are best used if only you have the ownership of the same or if you want to come up for a specific query. Stickers, on the other hand, help in public engagement and are a great promotional tool.

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Drive crowd to your services

You can direct online traffic to your website or your Instagram profile which showcases your products or services with clickable links that you add to your stories. This can work as a strong call to action, as the person who sees the story will have immediate interest in the link and can visit the website instantly without having to wait to navigate elsewhere. Moreover, the affordability of promoting on Instagram stories is unparalleled.

Curate highlights for additional circulation

Curating highlights from your stories which you think might be valuable even long after your story disappears could work as a tremendous online marketing strategy. These highlights appear right on your profile and can be used as a sales advertisements or to showcase your brand. You can divide your highlights under specific themes and archive stories that are relevant to it. In this way, you can have a compartment of your profile that highlights specific products and adds to the circulatory marketing.

Analyze your statistics

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With the help of new updates of the application, you can analyze and cross-check the statistics of your promotional activity on your profile. Instagram tools help you to recognize the number of views you are getting, and to differentiate the people that seem uninterested in your products or services and skipped through stories, people who have not been reached out to yet, etc. You can calculate the engagement that is being produced and develop strategies considering using this data.

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