6 Fantastic Apps for Teenage Girls 2019

mobile apps for teenage girls
Every girl now has a smartphone, and these smart devices have proven to be more than just communication devices. Smartphones can be great companions and assistants in the hectic life of today’s teen, provided that it is loaded with the right apps for teenage girls. At this age, you need not use your phone only to waste time and ruin your eyesight. You can have some constructive fun, make new friends, and even learn something new on your phone. Here are some of the best Smartphone apps of 2019 that every teenage girl should have on their phone:


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, and it is not surprising that it makes first on the list. There are hundreds of channels you can visit to learn about anything you love or get a view of your favorite travel spots, get help for your homework, or enjoy a good laugh after a hard day. You can also convert your favorite music videos to mp3s using YouTube mp3 apps.


Every girl needs to learn at least one additional foreign language to decorate her resume, and if you are interested in learning a dominant international language, then Duolingo is one popular option for you. With this fantastic app, you can quickly and effectively learn how to speak German, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Norwegian, and about ten other languages. During your free time, you can brush up on your writing and reading skills.


wattpad app homepage
If you have a budding interest in writing, or you would like to have access to fantastic novels, this is one most reputable app. The stories on Wattpad are categorized by various genres; romance, horror, Sci-Fi, comedy, so that you can find the books that tickle your fancy. Again, you can also write your story and have it read by the thousands of Wattpad users and even obtain an award if your work is excellent.

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This app has over 10 million downloads and is perfect for you if you love to design cover photos, greeting cards, and other graphics. Canva is also great if you would like to create a logo for your blog or cover for your eBook or Wattpad book. This app is incredibly user-friendly and will boost your creativity skills.


Every girl needs an app looking out for her every time she goes out. Redeye is one notable option, and if you are in trouble, the app will send your family an alert. You can feed the app with the path you take home or to any places you frequent, and the app will automatically send an SOS to the contacts you enlist in case of any abnormal deviations.

Makeup Videos Tutorials App

makeup mobile app for girls
This mobile application is suitable apps for teenage girls. Makeup is an essential aspect of every girl’s life, and being able to do yours well will improve your confidence as you interact with your peers. Makeup Tutorial app is beneficial for girls starting in the makeup arena, and it is user-friendly for girls looking to enhance their makeup application skills.


With these and many other apps, you will be able to do more productive work with your phone rather than spend copious amounts of time on social media.

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