Does WordPress Deserve the Popularity it Enjoys?

does wordpress deserve the popularity it enjoysFrom being a simple blogging platform to emerging as one of the most dominant Content Management Systems in the websphere- WordPress has an unprecedented trajectory backing its credentials. As per reports, there are more than 72.4 million websites that host a WordPress blog – that include both and self-hosted.

What more? It took just two days for WordPress 3.3 to actually reach 1.1 million downloads only after 2 days after its launch. There are approximately 225,000 WordPress Theme switches every week. There are virtually countless reasons why WordPress is so popular today and today we are just going to unravel a few of those reasons.

According to Google WordPress is 99% SEO friendly

That’s a certificate of sorts! What more than a shout out from the “king” of search engines itself! To begin with, let us tell you that Google ranks websites on the basis of predefined considerations. The greater number of Google parameters you end up fulfilling the higher are your chances of securing more desirable rankings.

At the core of its success is the fact that WordPress has actually taken and fulfilled all the responsibilities related to SEO that a Content Management System should ideally fulfill.

  • Advanced but hassle-free coding standards
  • Fast loading speed
  • Easy Navigation
  • XML Sitemap for easy comprehension of your site content
  • Social Media Integration
  • Robust navigation complete with tags, drop down menu functionality, categories and a plethora of WordPress widgets
  • Room for image optimization (with the help of adding Alt Tags )

These are just a few of the factors that have contributed to the popularity enjoyed by this platform today.

An Open Source Platform

An open source software, WordPress is free to use, redistribute and modify. This is the reason why it is so easy to find its source codes being made publicly available. The free software comes with unlimited validity and once you visit the official website you can download it from there only.

What else does one need when one is getting so many facilities and that too at free of cost?

It is User-Friendly

And no! When it comes to WordPress, the term “user-friendly’ is not only a sad buzzword but a delightful reality. The fact that WordPress is touted as the most SEO-friendly CMS out there itself establishes its user-friendliness.

A web platform will never be considered search engine friendly until it offers impeccable user experience and that’s not happening until the visitors find your pages easily navigable. Backed by the one-click installation feature, WordPress is fully optimized for easy use across multiple devices, systems and browsers.

Once installed, the blogger can start creating and publishing blogs and make use of custom configurations without the help of coding.

WordPress is compatible with different types of businesses — irrespective of whether you are running an ecommerce store or a membership site. The CMS is a virtual treasure trove of feature rich themes particularly designed for niche websites or blogs- travel, ecommerce, business, photography. Music and what not!

The SaleJunction theme, for instance, is particularly designed for ecommerce sites. One can actually sell tangible or digital products easily by using this theme.

Final words

So, one can keep on counting the blessings that WordPress has actually gone on to bring in a designer’s or for that matter a blogger’s life. It is so important to ensure that you are actually making the most of the SEO-friendly WordPress features by paying laser-like focus on the quality of content you are providing.

Make sure you are exploring this much popular Content Management System without fail before getting started with your blog.

Best of luck! May all your digital aspirations come true!

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