Web Design vs. Graphic Design: What Is the Difference?

web design vs graphic design what is the differenceIf you’re interested in pursuing graphic design, you might have asked how it differs from web design. They’re the same thing, right? The terms are often used interchangeably, since most people don’t understand the difference. Sure, they are both involved with design–and, they can overlap. Nonetheless, they are separate disciplines which require varying sets of skills.

Both use visual techniques

Graphic designers and web designers both aim to create visually-appealing color combinations to increase visits and interest. Color is essential to delivering a message effectively. Red and yellow are used to uplift, which blue and green are more calming.

In terms of branding, web and graphic designers must have a deep understanding of how to use color to help businesses achieve their goals. In addition, both web and graphic designers want to use the most beautiful color combinations to ensure people want to keep interacting with the end product.


Both graphic and web designers must be aware of the current trends in the market. Currently, it is flat design. Next year, it could be something else. What remains true is the majority of their customers will request a specific design aesthetic–as a result, graphic and web designers must appeal to what is hot in the market today. In addition, they both need to have the ability to foresee future trends so that they can make educated suggestions to their clients.

Web design concepts

There are many skills a web designer must have including:

  • Web graphic design
  • Authoring
  • Interface design
  • User experience design
  • Search engine optimization

Web designers need to create and maintain websites so that they are easy to navigate and user-friendly, while incorporating the latest design aesthetics.

Graphic design concepts

Graphic designers communicate visually using photography, illustration and typography. This field is often thought of as a subset of communication design and visual communication. To illustrate, a graphic designer may create a logo for your company or customize images for your website.

On the other hand, the web designer will create the flow of the website. In addition, many graphic designers use graphic design software to help ensure efficient and accurate work. It is the contemporary way to work.


Yet, another thing web and graphic designers have in common is making sure their designs are usable. Their end user must like the concepts, art and navigation of the images and website. When a user gets lost, many times it has to do with a specific design flaw.

This is why you should never overdesign elements of a website or logo. For graphic and web designers, success is measured by how well the target market gets what they need. Users want consistency in how they click and search for content. Items such as “sign up now” or “click here” are meant to increase conversions.

Graphic and web designers work with developers

If a developer is working on a video game, they may work with a graphic designer to create all of the images for the game. Then, the website for the game will be designed by the web designer. Both graphic and web designers must work with developers to ensure their designs can be implemented with efficiency. Moreover, they should have the ability to improve accessibility.

As you can see, graphic and web design can overlap. Still, they offer two separate functions for increasing interaction with brands and businesses.

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