Best War Combat Mobile Games that Popular Among Gamers

best war combat mobile games
Who doesn’t remember playing their first game? Be it on a console, PC, online tournament gaming or just playing on your mobile device. Games have helped out a lot of people among us to get a little stress and tension off of our shoulders and to enjoy a bit. They let us peek into another world free of homework, deadlines and other worries.

This has become even truer in the context of mobile games. Earlier we needed to get to our consoles or PC to get a good taste whatever game we wanted. Changing the paradigm to mobile gaming has really solved this detail. We no longer need to get to our homes or to our living rooms to play in. We can do it whenever and wherever we want. Be it while waiting to see the doctor or when you have a free period or when you really feel like playing. This single factor is responsible for the wide increase in the popularity of mobile games.

Mobile games offer a lot of choices these days. With the release of ultimate gaming phone such as Asus Rog Phone 2, you can play from simple games like subway surfers to high core power needed military war games such as PUBG. The sheer amount of options and quality of gaming experience has made mobile gaming into a trillion-dollar industry what we really mean to discuss with this article is military war games in the mobile platform. Though they are not as up to the pace as their PC or console counterparts they do offer some pretty impressive features. The mix of tactics, ingenuity and team play has led games like PUBG to blow up recently. In this article, we are going to talk about such games. Go let’s not waste any time and dive right in.

War or combat strategy mobile games need intense focus and great frame per second (FPS) in order to stay alive. The latest released of smartphones or mobile phones is sufficient to handle the more power hungry mobile game such as PUBG but will this satisfy those avid gamers whom looking for perfect movement and motion action within mobile devices. Because 1 second delay could mean losing your life in action packed, bullet everywhere mobile war combat game.

Here are 7 best war combat mobile games

1. Frontline Commando: D-Day

frontline commando d day one of best war mobile games
This is a really awesome shooter game set in World War Two theme. It has pretty high-quality graphics that are comparable to graphics offered by consoles. The weapons available in the game are made based on real-life weapons and the locations look a lot like actual places involved in World War Two.

The game has over 100 missions. There will be plenty of instances where you have to crouch behind something or shoot your enemy at the right time to survive. And yes, of course, headshots pay off a lot. You have to navigate through a terrain filled with deadly minefields and heavily armed enemies.

2. Arma Tactics

As the name suggests tactics play a major role in this game. This is a turn-based game where you can control 4 soldiers. You have to navigate these soldiers through the course ahead of you. But the catch is that you will need action points to move them. But these can instead be put to other good use such as firing or healing. So you have to plan things through and put a lot of thought. This point system does feel like a drag at times and does put off a lot of people. But considering the amount of brainpower needed to move in and swipe the enemies, it does appeal to a section of the gamers.

Though there are people who would have liked to have the point system removed, it does make the game unique in its own right. It is definitely a game you might want to check out.

3. Brother in Arms 2: Global Front

brother in arms 2 global front
The mobile version of Brothers in Arms PC game has a first-person perspective. But it does give you a third-person perspective every time you duck. You have to shoot to survive and boy are there a lot of people looking to kill you killed. Though the game can’t to the PC version, it does work pretty great. The controls on the touch screens work fine but managing weapons can be pretty irksome. This is even truer when you are under heavy fire.

The game does have a lot of locations ranging from Europe to the South Pacific. You have to protect your friends, Mann turrets, escort tanks and so on.

4. 1941: Frozen Front

The games arc revolves around an alternate history of World War Two. It features frozen front missions involving Hitler’s war against the Soviets. The game utilizes events that led to the foil of Hitler’s plan to rule the world. Though the game somewhat lacks in the graphics side. It is pretty great on the strategy side. You can camouflage your tanks, dig trenches for your soldiers and use supply trucks to regain health.

It is a great game to play and the missions may require more than one try to complete.

5. World of Tanks: Blitz

This game is as good as its online version. It is a multiplayer game where the main objective is destroying the base of your rival team. So teamwork plays a big role in the game. You can’t expect to wipe out the opposition by yourselves. You will need help and also a good plan. That’s right, having a good team alone is not enough.

The controls are really smooth. You can easily control the movements of the tank as well as the rotation of its turret with virtual sticks on the left and right. And the buttons on the right and left side of the screens allow you to fire shells. Moreover, the game obeys real-life physics which makes things exciting.


Last but certainly not the least. PUBG has exploded over the internet in recent times and made its way to be one of the most beloved games of this year. It also reportedly the world’s highest-grossing mobile game. The multiplayer game allows you to play with players across the nation and go on exciting missions. You can collect weapons though it might sometimes risk your life. And the most exciting part is jumping out of the plane to the location of the mission.

pubg one of the most popular war combat mobile games
The game is meant to give you a good time and there is nothing more satisfying than getting a chicken dinner. Your 4-man squad has to kill over 25 such squads in order to triumph.

Final Summary

Unlike consoles, mobile games give us the freedom to have gaming experience anywhere and anytime. With the increase in graphics and other features, it is no surprise that mobile games have risen to their current popularity.

In this article, we were more focused on war combat games. These provide an exciting setting to the players which was earlier available only on consoles and PCs. Hence, bringing that experience to an affordable range. We have also gone on to list some of the best war combat mobile games available on the mobile platform.

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