Why UX Is Crucial for New Websites

why ux is crucial for new websites
User experience, commonly referred to as UX, is the term used to describe how a consumer/visitor feels whenever they are interacting with a web-based system or platform. Focusing on improving UX is essential for website owners, especially those who have only recently created their sites, simply because doing so will grant them a greater chance of fulfilling their audience’s needs.

Internet interfaces are currently experiencing rapid growth, which means that user experience is as important now as it ever has been. To find out why it is crucial for new websites, in particular, be sure to read on.

It improves performance

If a website isn’t performing to the best if its ability, the savvy internet users of today will quickly know about it. They’ve been accessing the web long enough now — in the case of Generation Z, they’ve been accessing it all their lives — to know when a website is underperforming, which means website owners have to go above and beyond to ensure that their sites are quick and easy to use at all times.

ux improves performance
By focussing on improving their UX, site owners will also automatically boost the performance levels of their website. Fortunately, site owners need not take on the challenge of improving their UX, and therefore their website’s performance, alone. Digivante.com are one such company that owners can turn to in this instance — they can assist in a number of different ways, from offering exploratory testing to conducting usability studies.

It breeds loyalty

If a new website is to survive over a sustained period of time, it’s going to need a loyal consumer base. When cultivating this faithful following, unsurprisingly, UX plays a vital role. This is due to the simple fact that customers like to feel like they are being treated like individuals, and UX allows site owners to offer this type of bespoke service.

It helps content to resonate

For them to be able to grab a foothold in their online market, website owners need to be producing and posting quality content regularly. No matter how well written their text is, how entertaining their videos are, or how engaging their infographics may be, this content won’t resonate half as well as it should if it hasn’t been created with UX in mind. By keeping the consumer at the forefront of their thinking at all times, site owners can be sure that they are creating content that is centered around the wants, needs, and likes of their audience.

ux helps content to resonate
Basically, by never allowing themselves to forget about the important role UX plays in this instance, site owners will find themselves creating valuable content that resonates with their audience more often than not. Importantly, this will mean that they aren’t wasting their time or resources on creating content that has no impact on sales or profit turnover going forward.

When creating content that is centered around UX, website owners must keep the following factors in mind:

  • Demographics (age, race, geographical location, sexual orientation, religion, employment, familial status, etc.)
  • Personality traits (introvert, extrovert, business-minded, creative, etc.)
  • Motivations (financial status, career progression, power, etc.)

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