5 Key Features Your HR Software Should Have

hr software features benefitsA good human resource management software has several important features. Often you can find that HR software benefits are varied, depending on the system chosen, but each has many of them. While it is important to remember that each company needs to choose a HR software system that fits their own unique needs, there are some things that each HR system should include, regardless. From benefits to time management, here are five key features that your HR software should have.

Employee Database

An employee database is an important piece of your HR software. This piece of information allows you to store all of your information in one convenient location. By including this piece in your HR software, you will be able to avoid making multiple changes to a piece of paper. A database not only gives you information about who is working for you, it also holds any critical information about them, from allergies to vacation days.

Employee Aid

Employee aid is a feature that is in place to benefit your employees. These pieces include details like information about their benefits, a place where they can request time off, and other information that they might need. By including this feature in your HR software, you are giving your employees a place where they ask for assistance. This is something that can help you and your employees use their time more efficiently, because this data is in one location.

Administration Benefits

With the idea of employee aid comes the idea of employee benefits. This is not just a place where employees can see their benefits, but it is also a place where you can keep track of those benefits. If employees are allowed to enroll in their benefits through this portion of the software, then you and the rest of HR do not need to print out or send additional information to your employees. They are able to access it through the company program.


It is very important that your HR software includes payroll. This is something that your accounting department will thank you for, as it can make their lives much easier. Many of these programs will help you and your company keep track of the money that your employees have earned in each pay period, while also including any information you might need about their paycheck. This system help make things run even smoother than before.

Time Management

Time management is a critical part of HR software. This feature allows you and your staff to keep track of the hours that they have worked, and the software will even tally the total for them. This will help everyone keep track of how long they have worked, without having to worry about human error. Often, this data is connected to the payroll data, helping streamline the process even more.

When it comes time to purchase human resources software, there are several things to keep in mind. It is critical that the software has all the unique benefits your business needs, but it is also important to include other things, like time management and payroll.

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