Top 5 Benefits Of The Online YouTube Downloader

youtube-downloader The same professionals that created the popular 4K Video Downloader are now offering another helpful service: the Online YouTube Downloader. This service allows users to download the audio files from YouTube videos directly from their computer browser or mobile device. These videos can then be played using apps such as iTunes and WinAmp, or they can be burned to CDs, added to playlists, etc. They can then be enjoyed at times when internet access is unavailable.

Download your favorite music for offline enjoyment

Your probably like to listen to your favorite music files at different places, different times—whenever the mood strikes you. Sometimes you want to listen to the music but don’t have access to the internet or to YouTube. That’s why the Online YouTube Downloader is becoming so popular, as users can quickly download music video files and use them to create playlists or CDs for offline enjoyment.

Create playlists for iTunes and iPod

If you need to snag some tunes for iTunes or your iPod, but don’t want to deal with searching and downloading a bunch of MP3 files, then an online YouTube Downloader is the perfect tool for you. Download all of your favorite tunes and create a playlist to listen to whenever you wish!

No installation required

The Online YouTube Downloader runs in the cloud, so there is no need for any hardware or software installation. Any time you need music files, you can simply browse to the website and start downloading from any browser on your computer, laptop or mobile device.

It’s Free!

The Online YouTube Downloader is completely free, and there are no annoying ads, popups or surveys required for it to work. You don’t need to login, create an account or give out any personal information. Simply browse to the site and download files from anywhere for free!

No viruses, malware or spyware

If you search and download music files from other sources on the web, you may end up with virus-infected files, spyware, malware or other threats. But you know that files from YouTube are safe, so why take the chance on downloading music files from anywhere else? Like the 4K Video Downloader, the Online YouTube Downloader is virus-free and has no spyware or malware. The files from YouTube are threat-free as well, so all the files you download are completely safe to store and listen to.

How to download YouTube videos

Now you know the benefits of downloading audio files from YouTube videos, but how exactly do you download the audio files? YouTube doesn’t currently offer a process for downloading audio or video files from their site. The Online YouTube Downloader process for downloading audio files from YouTube videos is quite easy: simply copy the YouTube URL and paste it into the program. The Online YouTube Downloader will do the rest. There are a few optional choices, such as the format you want the audio file downloaded in. You can choose from MP3, M4A and OGG. You can also choose the folder location for the files to be stored in. Written by Kevin Miller

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