Listen Up, Lawyers: Attractive Website Design is The Way to Go!

website-design-lawyerThe legal practice is one that takes into consideration so many years of history and current happenings into consideration that it is often believed by those outside of the field to be bland and boring. Websites of lawyers are known to be dull and not very spell binding. However, with the increase in competition and modernisation of the legal field this is changing. Several modern lawyers are now considering striking websites as a necessary tool in online marketing of their legal practice. Clean and crisp websites are constantly arriving on the legal scene and these websites have been observed to draw clients at huge rates in comparison to the mundane information based websites.

So what makes an attractive lawyer website?

First and foremost amongst these is the domain name for the website. Good domain names are essential in order for search engines to work properly. These domain names have to be simple and attractive while being relevant to the lawyers practice. A good domain name not only increases visibility of the webpage, but also lasts in the minds of the users easily. This is the technical side of increasing website popularity.
While a good domain name is effective in increasing visibility, there are more factors that increase the value of a website. One of these factors is the visual aspect of the website. Design, more often than not, creates a first impression of the website and in turn the firm. When clients first surf through the website, the look and feel of the website subconsciously affects the way they perceive the firm. It is the adherence to appropriate form and function of the website that results in great lawyer website design.

Website content to enhance lawyer’s opportunities!

Domain names and web design are two aspects that mark a good legal website. Once the domain name chosen is easily found and the probable client has seen the website, the next obvious thing that is noticed by him/her is the content of the website. While the first two aspects of domain name and design of a website are aspects that get the probable client to explore more, it is the content of the website that convinces him/her to get in touch with the lawyer’s practice.

Website content usually comprises of information of the area of practice of the lawyer, the kind of clients they typically choose to render their services to and their approach to resolving legal issues and protecting the rights of their clients. Website content in the case legal practices needs to be more thoroughly explained as it is a service that can be rendered as well as received only through great amount of mutual trust. Quality content that speaks honestly about the lawyer’s practice gives probable clients a head start on the kind of practice they are looking at and helps them make an informed decision on approaching the website. The content can be made more attractive by adding visual elements, viz. lawyer photos and videos, to the information.

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