Top PDF Tools That You Can Get From Using GoGoPDF And Its Benefits

Top PDF Tools That You Can Get From Using GoGoPDF And Its Benefits

There are times in your life that you should be meticulous, especially in choosing the right PDF tool for your PDF documents. GoGoPDF is one of the leading online PDF tools today; it offers excellent PDF conversions, a reliable security system, and the easiest PDF tool processing.

Unlock PDF

This tool from GoGoPDF is very self-explanatory and very easy to use. If you’re a new user of PDF or GoGoPDF, you can guarantee that you won’t have any problem using the Unlock PDF tool of GoGoPDF. So, how does the unlock PDF of GoGoPDF work? It’s pretty simple; it helps you delete or remove your PDF’s password through this tool.

But before you remove your password from your PDF document, you should also understand the importance of having a password on your file and how it helps protect your information from other people. Nowadays, you must add a password to your file to save your file from being hacked, which is why you need to have a password.

If in case you think that a particular password isn’t necessary for your file or PDF. You can just easily remove your PDF password by using this beneficial tool from GoGoPDF. You can start withdrawing your password by accessing GoGoPDF and uploading the exact file with a password. There will also be some steps that you can just follow to finish the process.

GoGoPDF is a very reliable online tool for any type of PDF task, especially unlocking specific PDF documents. Furthermore, GoGoPDF also made all of its tools available on any device platform if you need to use your tablet or mobile phone to unlock your file. Other tools of GoGoPDF are also compatible with any device.

Protect PDF

It was explained above how vital having a password on a particular PDF file, especially if that file holds essential information such as company financial account, project report, and other information that might compromise your career if stolen from you. This is why you need to choose the best online Protect PDF tool that provides the best protection to your file.

GoGoPDF isn’t an online PDF converter only; it has many PDF tools that can help you manage, organize, and even protect your PDF, such as its Protect PDF online tool. Protect PDF is GoGoPDFs most sophisticated tool that allows you to protect your file by adding a password to it.

Compared to other tools online, PDF Protect of GoGoPDF offers a fast and easy process. New users won’t find themselves lost when using the PDF Protect of GoGoPDF. When setting up your password while using GoGoPDF’s Protect PDF, it will only accept difficult and highly-complex words, which adds extra protection from people who try to open your file.

GoGoPDF also has a secured SSL connection to get your mind at ease, which means that when you added your password online through GoGoPDF, hackers won’t be able to see or get your password. Some sites that don’t have SSL connectivity are more prone to information theft, which is very dangerous, especially if you have crucial information.

Add Watermark

Here’s another way to secure your file or document, which is by adding a watermark. Most professional photographers and editors usually add a specific watermark to their work so that no one can steal it from them. You’ll also see some videos with watermarks, which allows you to know who owns the video.

If you have some file right now that you made and secured so that no one can take it from you, you should add a watermark on it. GoGoPDF will help you add a watermark to your file in the easiest way possible. Furthermore, this tool won’t charge you anything since it’s an open-source platform, which means it’s for free.

GoGoPDF also lets you personalize or customize your watermark. You can edit your font style, size and even add some shapes to your watermark. GoGoPDF provides so many options for you to edit your watermark. If you already have a copy of your watermark, you can upload it to GoGoPDF and use it directly to your PDF.

If you have some questions about the Add Watermark tool of GoGoPDF, you can quickly contact them, which you can find at the bottom of their page that says “Contact Us.” They have a very responsive customer service that helps their client with their inquiries, especially on how you use their tools online.


When it comes to protecting your PDF’s information, you should never take it for granted. Choose the best and the most reliable tool out there, such as GoGoPDF. Tools such as Add Watermark, Protect PDF, and Unlock PDF will make a significant difference. So, what are you waiting for? Check their site, and experience their free PDF tools.

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