Use Videoproc To Compress Your 4k Video

With the advent of 4K video cameras and camcorders such as DJI, Canon EOS, Sony, and Panasonic, now it is easy to create versatile large videos up to 4K but sometimes these large videos are unable to play on your mobile phones and cover huge space in your phones. Sometimes you may face difficulties when you need to share your slow-motion video shot on canon to your friends on mail due to its excessive size.

The problem with the large videos is that they cover a large amount of storage in your device that makes it impossible for you to share the video with your friends on mail due to its excessive size limit or on social media platforms due to its largeness.

Sometimes these large videos pose a problem while playing on your lappy or your phone but with VideoProc, now you can easily compress your 4K video without losing its quality and it allows you to share your video on the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It compresses large video fast and works smoothly even on an outdated machine.

use videoproc to compress your 4k video

Why VideoProc works fast and smoothly with 4K 8K large videos?

GPU Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is necessary for coding, encoding, decoding, compressing, and editing. Without it, compressing and editing large videos such as 4K ultra High Resolution is quite difficult. More often the large videos are fully loaded with stutters, glitches, and freeze which reduce the quality and versatility of your videos. VideoProc uses GPU acceleration to give speed and stability while editing, compressing, and converting your 4K videos.

With GPU acceleration, VideoProc can compress your video in 47 X real-time faster. This level-3 Hardware acceleration guarantees stutter-free video compressing and proves to be a strong oxidant for 4K ultra-high-resolution video.

use videoproc to compress your 4k video1

Compress 4K videos with VideoProc

Basically, VideoProc is a video editing software that is available for both Windows and Mac OS users. You can download the free version on your computer to cut, crop, merge and add effects to your videos. Besides that, it also works as the 4K video compressor that helps you to compress large videos (up to 4K 8k videos) and converts your videos to any small files.

The 4K video compressor VideoProc allows you to compress 4K video without losing its quality and minimize the issue of space storage. It is one of the easy and fastest video editors that compress and converts 4K video with its user-friendly interface.

use videoproc to compress your 4k video2

It permits you to share the videos on the social media platform and supports more than 420+ formats. Moreover, it handles all kinds of footage and produces high-quality pictures, and can hold multiple videos at the same time.  The VideoProc automatically balances the size of the video and ensures to shrink the video without losing its quality.

To compress and convert your 4K video, VideoProc offers you several ways to follow, like:

  • Convert 4K videos to MP4 H264 format or to HEVC as the HEVC option will ultimately shrink your video.
  • Reframe your video by lowering it to 24fps
  • Change the 4K video resolution to 1080p or 720p.
  • Downgrade the large files to a smaller value of target bitrate.
  • Resize the video by cutting it into small clips, or remove the unwanted parts.

If you know more about video editing, then you can also reduce the video size through the codec option such as fps, bit rates, GOP, and so on. For more details, you can check VideoProc 4K video converter guide.

You can even follow this YouTube Tutorial to comprehend better how to compress 4K to 1080p video without losing its quality:

VideoProc is one of the best 4K video compressors that squeezes your video at the fastest speed and converts it to MP4 HEVC and more. With VideoProc, you can constrict your video based on frame rate by lowering it on FPS. You can easily change the resolution of your video from 1080p to 720p. You can downgrade it to a smaller value of target bitrate such as 3600kps.

Compared with the online video compressor, VideoProc is much stable and easy to use. It supports GPU accelerated technology which compresses 47 times faster than any other video compressors.

If you want to edit your videos, compress your 4K video, convert your 4k video, and delete the unwanted parts of your videos, then download the free version of VideoProc and enjoy the high-quality and great versatility of your videos.

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