What is MacKeeper?

mac-mackeeperWith Mac machines creating a bigger impression upon the hardcore computer professionals, people are showing mixed opinions for MacKeeper. In the opinion of the manufacturers, it is a utility software that suits the needs of all models of Mac machines, including the Macbook.

The software was first created in 2009. After quite a few upgrades, the recent version came up in 2014. this version is termed as MacKeeper 3.x. It is the most powerful version of the software that has 16 components altogether. These components are responsible for various applications that MacKeeper provides to the Mac machines.

If you are serious to know what is MacKeeper and how reliable it is for the modern Macs, then you would need to depend upon the MacKeeper reviews. You can find loads of reviews on Apple Support Communities and other forums and platforms. These platforms carry out their responsibility of educating people. The opinions at these platforms express a mixed remark for the utility software we are talking about here.

However, lets us look at some of the features that this software offers to the Mac users:

Security matters

Most of the users accept that the software handles the security threats very effectively. It scans the machines thoroughly to find out the junk files, unused or unimportant files, and then deletes them only after you approve the request fro deletion. It works with Avira anti-virus software to bring a reliable safety to the system from malware threat. Most of the expert users of MacKeeper accept that the system does not allow viruses to grow, but it has quite a few malware. It also prepares reports on the basis of its findings.

Data Control

It is yet another important feature of the software where it works with different tools to save files, delete useless files, and recovers unintentionally deleted files. With Data Encryptor tool, it encrypts data in a separate folder that is protected with a unique user name and password. It uses the ‘Shredder’ tools to delete the unimportant data for good, whereas it recovers the deleted data with ‘Files Recovery’ tool.

Cleaning the Mac for increasing speed and creating space on the disks

With consistent use, Macs get overloaded with all sorts of data that makes the device slow down. The MacKeeper comes with ‘Fast Cleanup’ tool that finds and deletes junk files and folders. It cleans up the memory storage locations on the device and it becomes faster for operations. It increases the capacity of the disks also. It clears caches and cookies that reduce the speed of the device after a consistent usage.

free-up-space-on-macAs far as the reputation of MacKeeper is concerned, it is still not confirmed whether it is good for the systems or not. Many MacKeeper reviews reveal that people are not convinced with the function of the software. They consider this as virus that creates problems for the machine while it works. The machines runs smoothly when it is uninstalled from the system. Many contributors at Apple Support Communities advise the users that they should either believe the experts or develop their own opinions.

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This is probably a better way to reach a concrete solution. As far as review ratings are concerned, the software gets 3.5 stars out of 5 max. This is nowhere a discouraging rating. It suggests that this utility software still has a long way to go to satisfy the users completely.

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