What Makes Software Development a Lucrative Field

what makes software development lucrative field
The evolution of computers has been the primary importance since the dawn of the technological era. The first computer built was an electrical numerical integrator and calculator (ENIC), which enabled them to do necessary calculations. However, the computer evolved into something more complex, multifunctional, artificially intelligent, human-friendly, and portable. And an AI which understands the human language. But behind this long journey of evolution are the effort and the constant creative thinking of eminent personalities.

The current standard computers can think, speak, recognize, and even have the ability to correlate things. These abilities that computer have is all because of their programmed language. After the remarkable invention of computer programming language, another innovation is software. The programming language is used to make software, which is crucial to the evolution of computers. It has not just made an advancement but has also integrated all the electronic devices under a single system.  A more explicit example is smartphones and linked apps that link all the smart home appliances under minor 40mb software. It controls, operates, and even forecasts the settings of the applications.

Now the critical question is, who is responsible for these remarkable inventions that have made our daily life more comfortable? The great heroes behind the scenes are known as software developers. They design, program, and execute software which further manages, operates, and correlates other devices. It is the resilience and commitment of these developers, which has made our life more organized. A career in IT is more promising and evolved than others, which has raised its demand in the market. Several youngsters are willing to know how to become a software developer? Almost all universities offer a degree in computer sciences and software engineering. There are many online courses for programming and software development. However, before choosing any degree, especially computer sciences, it is essential to ask whether you have a keen interest and core commitment. If you are a computer worm, then this field is suitable for you, but if not, then you might not want to be sitting on a computer and operating it for hours. The perks and benefits of the software development field have made it more attractive.

High in Demand

high demand in software development field
Software developers are high in demand, and there are numerous job opportunities for them in the market.  Fresh graduates always find an organization small or large scale to sharpen their abilities. The future of software developers will be more secure than others, and in the current market, there will be room for software developers. On the contrary, software developers will be open up to new opportunities as the challenges increase. According to BLS, the employment growth of software developers has increased by 24 percent.

Working remotely

Software development allows you flexibility in work. You can work from home, which serves as one of the best perks of working in the technological sector. You are not bound to stay at any specific place. All you need are analytical skills, a high IQ, and trustworthy internet. But to work in the office, you need to be time flexible and manage your own checking in-out time.

Good pay

Software developers receive wages based on their skills and experiences. The US pays for freshly graduate of computer science is $60,594 per annum in 2011, which increases with the experience. So generally, the pays of software developers are high. The software developer job has high recognition, and it is ranked 2nd in IT jobs.

Even if you opt to be a freelancer, you are open to work for developed countries and can avail of the economic benefits. You may receive average pay at entry-level, and if you stand out in your job, you may make $100,000 per year.

Here is a quick view of the highest wages for software developers

  • Microsoft $116,967
  • Google $164,683
  • Apple $138,300
  • Intel $117,643

Work after retirement

A software developer can even work after his or her retirement. For example, you can have a retirement plan by hunting for a potential client. A skillful asset in the organization has more prestige and a low probability of unemployment. They can either open a small-sized company or work as a freelancer. You can also develop a social software or mobile app which can be later sold to the eligible buyer.

Creative room

Software development is a highly creative field. Every time you write a programming language, you create something new. It is just like a Lego toy that allows you to create something new and unique.  As creativity is the highest point of intelligence, there is a slight chance that software development will ever face low demand.


software development team work
Software development is not solo work. Software development requires input from several people, the combined efforts of IT analysts, IT infrastructure specialists, and software developers to create improved technologies. Software developer relies on open source software, and they require other people’s assistance to understand how to use their software. So there is an interaction among people for crafting programming to make software. Programmers continuously collaborate and work with the team to make advanced software. The software developer also has the liberty to make his or her teamwork.

Broad Field

For students, software development is an excellent choice because this field is broad and offers several options. It consists of web development, computer applications, software engineering, and data mining, and so forth. It gives you the advantage of working in any area or field of interest. For example, you can work in any software house for making software or work in any company to enhance its prior system or troubleshooting problems.


The above-explained points are some of the vast reasons that make software development more lucrative. And learning it has become more accessible as well through online programming courses. Since the current technological advancements have made things easier, you can know and develop anything you want. All you need is determination, zeal, and perseverance. Software development is an attractive field for both students and entrepreneurs. But it would help if you were a computer geek, as it requires countless hours on computers.

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