Countries with Fastest Internet Connection

countries-with-fastest-internet-connectionThe ­internet now plays an important role in our daily lives and had made such a great impact on the way we live. We use the internet in almost everything we do, may it be playing our favorite online games, watching our favorite TV show or movies, connecting with our friends and families, ordering foods, or even arranging our transportation needs. By connecting to the internet, we gain access to different information across the globe, be updated on the current happenings and have access to different opportunities. The internet has become one of the vital tools to exchange information; that’s why internet speed is one of the common concerns among internet users nowadays. Just like what Ktel promotes, a faster internet connection means a better internet experience. Today, let’s take a look at the list of countries with the fastest internet connection across the globe.

1. South Korea

South Korea is the world leader for the fastest internet connection. The average data speed in South Korea reaches up to 26.7 Mbps according to Akamai Q4 global average internet connection speed ranking, as well as on another external testing. This may not be a surprise since South Korea is the home to the heaviest data usage worldwide and the home of the highest number of internet users per capita. 80.5% of internet connection setups in South Korea has an average speed faster than 10 Mbps– almost double the global average internet speed.

With this kind of internet connection, any user can download an HD film within just a minute or so.

2. Norway

With an average speed of 21.3 Mbps, Norway has the second fastest internet connection in the world according to the report released as of the 1st quarter of 2016. Norway has the largest growth of internet speed since last year compared to other countries. Their average internet speed can upload/download high-quality photos in just a matter of seconds. 44.7% of Norway’s internet connection has an internet speed above 15 Mbps.

3. Sweden

Sweden ranks third with the fastest internet connection, even faster than that of the US. Sweden has an average speed of 20.6 Mbps. 93% of internet connection in Sweden has an average speed faster than 4 Mbps. The country saw an increase of 32% in their overall internet connection speed last year.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong internet speed has increased 37% over the last year. Hong Kong was the first country in the world to reach 60 Mbps in the year 2013. Now, Hong Kong’s average internet connection speed is 19.9 Mbps.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland has an average internet speed of 18.7 Mbps. The country’s internet speed increased by 21% over the last year.

6. Latvia

With an average internet speed of 18.3 Mbps, Latvia is ranked 6th with the fastest internet connection in the world. Latvia’s average internet connection is almost 3 times faster than the global average internet speed.

7. Japan

Internet users in Japan enjoy one of the fastest internet connections in the world; with an average speed of 18.2 Mbps. Japan is one of the several countries in the world working with superfast internet with 100 Gbps.

8. The Netherlands

The Netherland’s average internet connection speed is 17.9 Mbps. According to 2014 report, it also boasts the highest percentage of households with internet access in the European Union. 95.7% of internet connection is faster than 4 Mbps.

Although internet speed matters on where you live, switching to a better internet service provider may improve your internet experience. If you spend a lot of your time online, you need to have faster internet connection. Everything you love to do – browsing, gaming, downloading, and watching movies can be a bit of a hassle if you have slow internet connection. Fortunately, there are several companies like Bustan who provides high-speed internet and provides a variety of internet bundles and options for the users to choose from. When it comes to the internet, faster is better.

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