How to Create a Perfect Website with a Good Router

how-to-create-a-perfect-website-with-a-good-routerYou’ve had your router for years and it suits you just fine. Is that what you think? Perhaps you’ve been living in the dark all this time and have yet to experience the incredible benefits of a good router. If you’re designing and managing a website you’ll know just how important it is to have a fast and reliable internet connection. However, if you have yet to discover this yourself, here is some advice about how a good router can drastically improve your website.

The Design Process

The process of designing your website can sometimes take a lot of trial, error and research. If you’re designing your own website you’re probably going to need to check it and check it as frequently as you can. How does it look on different devices? How does it look with different browsers? How does it look when you adjust the browser settings? You’re going to need to be on and off the internet every other minute to make sure that you site looks exactly the way you want it. With a poor internet connection a job that should have only taken a week to complete can suddenly take months. If you’re trying to get a website for your business up and running you need to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Every minute you spend waiting for your pages to load could be another customer passing you by.

Keeping in Touch

If your website is based on posting regular content or communicating with visitors you have to keep in constant contact. It’s very possible that you could lose visitors to your site if you don’t keep up to date with site maintenance and breaking promises is the worst way to lose traffic. Maybe you live somewhere remote or rural or you’re constantly on the go. Ideally, you want to be able to monitor your site 24/7, especially if it is a source of income. Investing in a good router can be the difference between ten visitors a week and twenty. With a 4G router you have the option of taking your internet with you wherever you go. You can answer your clients’ emails, update any old information and get new products and services on your site any hour of the day, building up a reliable reputation with your visitors and ensuring that they keep coming back. With a 4G router you also have the option of enhancing your connection with antennae, just in case you really are in the middle of nowhere.

Taking Precautions

If you have more than one person using your router at the same time, a failure could be a very big problem. Having your broadband go down even for a short amount of time could result in a terrible loss for you and your website. A DSL/FTTH Ethernet WAN option on a 4G router means that you’ll stay connected even if something goes wrong. Have a look at 4G Failover Services and consider giving your router an extra lifeline. If your server goes down you don’t want your website to go down with it.

Companies with poor internet connections lose billions every year and a lot of young websites tank when they can’t keep up with site management. So, to get the most out of your online business and your website, a good router should be your number one priority.

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