Smart Home Devices: A Simple Guide

simple guide of smart home devices
There are a number of different smart home devices on the market today. Those who are just starting their foray into smart homes may feel a little overwhelmed by the selection and sheer number of different products, but it’s really not that complicated once you take some time to dig into the details. Here’s a guide to help you learn more about smart home devices and what they can do for you.

Smart Lighting

Smart lights are one of the most popular products on the market right now. This is probably due, in part, to the fact that they are so affordable and easy to upgrade. Plus, the lights are one of the most frequently used systems in your home, so changing them over to smart devices can start the energy savings off on a high note. Smart lights include bulbs and fixtures that can be connected to an app for easy lighting management.

Smart Outlets and Switches

Along with lighting, smart switches and outlets are also popular for those upgrading their homes to add smart technology. Again, these devices are relatively affordable and can be swapped out one at a time, if you desire. This allows anyone to build a smart home without a huge upfront investment. Plus, smart outlets allow you to connect just about any plug-in device to your automation system. Simply change the outlet or the light switch, and you’ve got a smart device in a matter of minutes.

Smart Thermostats

enery saving smart thermostats
Energy savings are all the rage right now, which is why people are cashing in on smart technology like automated thermostats. These are available from many well-known brands and can be installed fairly easily. Some systems include remote sensors for room-by-room temperature control. A smart thermostat will allow you to manage the climate in your home from anywhere and automate your heating and cooling to help save money.

Smart Cameras and Security

Doorbell cameras and other smart security cameras are growing in popularity due to their increasingly affordable pricing. Nothing says peace of mind like a security system installed in your home. With smart cameras and security devices, you can control and monitor your system from anywhere with the app. Many systems even allow for multi-camera viewing and automatic cloud uploads of video feeds.

Smart Home Hubs and Personal Assistants

google smart home speaker
Personal assistant speakers like Amazon’s Echo with Alexa are a central part of any automated smart home. These devices offer voice control and can be connected to various smart systems throughout the home so that you can easily control everything from a single device. Keep in mind that some of these speakers only work with certain services, such as Google’s compatibility with the Google Home speaker, hub, and voice activation features.

Wrapping Up

If you’re thinking of upgrading your home to include automation, these are the most popular smart home devices that you will find. They are designed for installation and use by the average homeowner, so it shouldn’t be complicated to get your smart home up and running. Plus, you can mix and match devices to suit your needs.

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