All You Need to Know About Automatic Vehicle Locators

what is avl
Automatic vehicle locators are also known as AVL. This technology is comprised of hardware and software that works automatically to find the location of a vehicle and transmit the data in real-time. It makes use of GPS asset tracking technology and the internet to perform its tasks.

Fleet vehicles are the main users of such technology. Thus, the managers and owners of such companies should understand what they are and how they work. If you are such a person, here is everything you need to know.

Connecting Cars With an AVL

A fleet of vehicles can be connected with an AVL for better management. The type of devices and the software that is used will determine how successful they will be. Experts should be used when buying the technology and most importantly when installing them.

  • The hardware – Usually, this will come as a package of a radio or GPS receiver and the antenna. Some other components are also involved depending on the model that is used. Although they are not necessarily a must-have part of the hardware, a computer or smartphone is often used.
  • The software – If you visit the Eyerideonline or speak to their experts, they will tell you that powerful software, usually to receive transmitted information and give reports, is crucial. Some software is specific to certain devices while other programs accept information from a wide array of hardware devices.

Choosing the Best AVL Solution

It is worth noting that a powerful AVL is a must-have when operating a fleet company. If you do not have one, then your company has a significant gap. Other companies might have an AVL that is not giving optimum results. Thus, it is highly recommended to choose one well.

choosing the best avl solution
When you get to the shop, look at the features of each option that they have as this will determine the ease of operations. The more the features, the more it is likely to give better results. If you already have software in place, then choosing a device that is compatible with this will save you some money.

Speed of data transmission is another consideration to make. As a matter of fact, this is one of the main reasons why people upgrade their AVL solutions. It gives your fleet company the opportunity to monitor all vehicles in real-time.

Are There Any Benefits?

Yes, using an AVL has many benefits for a fleet company. According to those who have used this solution, locating vehicles in real-time is very helpful for better management, increased productivity, and brand reputation. The managers can issue directions to the drivers on the ground, which is not very common.

Another benefit is understanding when there is a problem with any of the vehicles. In such a case, they can call for help and give the exact location of the vehicle to the mechanic or police.


AVL is a helpful solution for fleet vehicles. It is not a complicated solution and even new fleet companies can adopt it. For now, you have the most important insights on this fleet solution.

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