The Importance of Using a Data Protection App to Protect Your Identity

the importance of using a data protection app to protect your identity

A Data Protection App Can Secure Your Private Information

Protect Yourself against Identity Theft

Protecting your home is easy because you know what to buy and install. However, what about protecting against identity theft? On average a person has five social media accounts and spends almost two hours every day on these accounts. Not only should you be thinking on how to protect your home, but you should also consider how to protect your identity while online.

Facebook, Dropbox, Google, Yahoo and many other social media accounts require a password and username (and/or email) in order to open and maintain an account. Security questions are also utilized to add another layer of security to protect against identity theft.

There are a number of safeguards you can use to ensure additional security. For example, create unique passwords for each website you frequent, instead of using the same one. This preservation prevents hackers from accessing your other account passwords should one of your accounts be breached.

It is tempting to post personal details about your life on social media. A common occurrence found on Facebook is creating a post to announce a new phone number in order to reach your friends with minimal effort. Your address, phone number, bank, and license plate number are sensitive information that should never be divulged on social media. Avoid being Facebook hacked by being careful with what you post online. You just might be making the hacker’s job much easier, by offering them the answers to your security questions, on a platter.

How to Get the Most from Your Protection App

A useful, but unfamiliar security measure you can take to fight against hackers, is to download a protection app to protect your data. Even if you set up unique passwords, avoid posting personal information online, and use caution when asked for your username and password, there is still more you can do to protect yourself from hackers. One of the things you can do is install an app that will monitor your accounts and notify you if any abnormal activity occurs.

The same way your dog will bark if someone is trying to get into your home, the app will send you an alert when someone is trying to hack into your online accounts. These apps help you quickly take back control of your account from the hacker.

A data protection app that works to secure your online identity by scanning and monitoring activity on your accounts. Sign-in locations and times, numbers of messages sent and several other actions are watched carefully in order to identify suspicious activity.

Since your activity is monitored, finding irregular and suspicious activity on your accounts such as Facebook or Google is simple and easy. The app will be able to detect that someone has logged into your account from a device or browser that has never been used before, activity from a new IP address, and if emails were sent from your account during strange hours and in large quantities.

Adding a protection app to your mobile device is valuable and advantageous for keeping your online accounts secure. No matter how high the walls are or how many cameras are installed, a hacker will always find a way to bypass the security measures and enter private accounts.

Stopping hackers immediately after your account is breached can prevent identity theft and loss of personal information. A data protection app gives you the ability to know when your account is being hacked and allows you to change your password to lock the hacker out and can prevent further invasions.

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