Three Benefits of Using an Open Source E-Commerce Platform

three benefits of using an open source e commerce platform
Brick and mortar stores are become obsolete by the day; nowadays a good percentage of the population does their shopping online. As a wise businessman or woman, you should be thinking of migrating to online platforms if you haven’t done it already.

An open source ecommerce platform is a platform that has no limitations when it comes to access of both users and developers. Whether you are starting from scratch or moving an already running physical business online, the use of a good ecommerce platform will play a great role. Magento Community is an open source platform which makes it to have better designs and improved security. Hiring Magento developers for the installation and maintenance of your open source platform is a great way to get started. Whether you are a small startup or a big business, you will find features that are of use to your business in open source platforms such as Magento. The following are some of the benefits that open source platforms offer businesses:

1. Third Party Extensions

When you acquire an open source ecommerce platform, the standard version comes with limited features. However, it is designed in such a way that you can add more third party extensions that will improve how it functions. The capability of the open source platform to integrate with these extensions goes a long way in saving you both money and time.

Some of the extensions are really easy to install that you don’t even need to hire any Magento developers to do it for you. If your open source platform of choice is the Magento community, you will have thousands of extensions available. If your business is yet to pick up, they also offer free extensions so, no pressure there.

2. Customization

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, the open source platforms are open to easy customization jobs. When you get a platform online, you will want to change it so that it appeals to your target audience, this requires some customization. When working with open source ecommerce platforms, you can use extensions that will alter the base code.

Instead of hiring expensive Magento developers to code new features for your online store, you can simply install them as extensions. The Magento community open source software is designed such that it’s very flexible and can accommodate customization on a higher level than most ecommerce platforms in the market today.

3. Sale and Order Tracking Systems

Lastly, a good open source ecommerce platform will offer you the feature of tracking sales and orders of your customers. This is a great way of helping you improve your shoppers’ experiences while they are in your online store. With an open source platform, you will be able to install any third party extension that you find effective for tracking sales and orders of each consumer.

When you know what a particular customer looks for the most, you will be able to offer them good that compliment what they normally purchase. If you are using Magento, you can hire some Magento developers to help you out or just get an extension that is compatible with your open source platform.


Magento developers designed their platform using flexible module extensions at the core of the software. These flexible modules make it easier for the platform to integrate with other third party extensions without any problems.

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