Unearthing Teen Habits of Smartphone-Smitten Generation

unearthing teen habits of smartphone smitten generationWe all know that in today’s digitally robust world, teens indeed are the first citizen digital natives. Coming of age where when having a smartphone ownership is a norm and connectedness to smartphones is a central fact of life, our teens are hooked and booked onto smartphones! Numerous reports show how 78% to 85% teens in today’s millennial generation are addicted to smartphones. Today, we will unearth for you which peculiar habits of our teens are linked to smartphones:

Teens are really attached to their smartphone

Once the teens get a smartphone, they are highly likely to not survive without a smartphone even if it meant for a single day. Now this addiction has risen to such an extent that according to a story published in NYTimescom, American teenagers are growing less likely to consume drugs like marijuana and even alcohol, because teenagers are more likely to be entertained by computers and their smartphones.

Teens rely on their smartphones for their social and sex lives

Yes, when it comes to sexting and socialising, millennials are heavily relied on their smartphones for their sex life. Not only this, even when it comes to maintaining their social life through social media channels, they are more likely to stay reliant on their phone. In fact, they are twice as likely to admit that most of their social interactions in an average day happen over phone when compared to adult phone users.

Sending instant messages have become a part of their behaviour

Gone are the days when big screens of computers were used to send emails or to utilise gtalks for personal interactions; nowadays more than 40% of millennials stream videos on their phone and 35% of them enjoy listening to music on their hone. They also send 4 times more instant messages when compared to their non-millennial counterparts in an average day.

Teens use smartphones for liberally every activity of the day

teen with smartphone everyday lifeRight from getting out of their bed to speaking to their significant others to making sure what they eat and how they eat, the younger generation is more and more dependent on their smartphones. Your teen is twice as likely to use smartphone while visiting toilet, while on dinner table or while in a meeting when compared to the older generation.

Teens are more likely to become independent because of their addiction to smartphones

While multitasking is considered new normal when it comes to homework time, it is also seen that teens are also attracted towards quite a lot of social media-based and technology based career prospects, thanks to their constant access of smartphone. Describing themselves best as self-employed; ranging from owner/operator of baby care centre to selling on eBay to teaching piano lessons, today’s teens are innovator and entrepreneurs right form thee very early age. Not to forget, how the medley of circumstances, such as a tough economy, increasingly competitive college market, difficulty to get in the best of American University Rankings 美国大学排名 colleges, expanding networks and shifts in technology – is all formulating culture of innovators.

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