What Does Google-Friendly Content Actually Mean?

what does google friendly content actually meanThere are so many SEO tutorials out there that talk about creating Google-friendly content but the truth is that they rarely properly explain what that is. Content is definitely one of the vital on-page SEO factors that help the site rank. Before any active SEO campaign is started, you want to be sure every single site page features engaging and helpful content. The upcoming SEO and digital marketing trends mainly point towards content marketing so it should be no surprise to see that Google is also focused on ranking pages with high quality.

We now know that pages that have over 2000 words rank higher in search engines when compared with those that have a light, short content. As you go into the detail you do help the site to rank well for target keywords. Having detailed, long pages is also going to help SEO campaigns since there is a much higher possibility to receive backlinks than the shorter pages. Long-form content is time-consuming to develop but that is going to naturally offer a higher inbound links number than when you don’t.

Google-friendly content basically means you manage to offer a solution to a problem or a need someone has. When crucial needs are solved for readers, on-page content is much more likely to attract links that are highly valuable. It is important to include target keywords inside the content on an occasional basis but you should not overdo that. Keyword stuffing is really easy to detect by Google and that often leads to site penalties.

Main Things To Remember When Creating Google-Friendly Content:

  • Write over 2,000 words for every single page you want to grow.
  • Use highly relevant keywords but do not overuse them.
  • Use H tags to mention secondary, primary, and long-tail keywords.
  • Write to answer questions that visitors might have.

Optimizing Title Tags

One of the most important parts of a site you absolutely have to optimize is the title tag. This is the first thing people see in search engines so the tags need to include target keywords. The best tag is the one that manages to describe page content while the keyword is mentioned. As an extra tip, try to add the keyword in the first part of the title but keep the tag under 60 characters or Google is going to crop it.

Modify Meta Descriptions So They Are Action-Focused

This is where many make mistakes as they do not see the meta description as being very important. In reality, it is vital since it is that short information snippet you see right under the page title in search engine results. While the description itself is not a factor that helps in the ranking, it is vital for users to learn more about the content present on the page.

Detailed user-friendly meta descriptions are going to encourage people to click on the result you show for their query as opposed to the competition. Total search impressions share is increased because of that. Having action-focused text is much more important than you might think right now.

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