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Another wondeful site i came across during last weekend. The site navigation are clear and easy to follow and the design are very well strutured for a design showcase or design gallery alike.

About Battle Design

The Battle Design is one of the main sites of design and technology reference available in the internet. A project that has in it essence the searching for the β€œnew”, being an incentive of concept of the web 2.0, where the usuaries collaborate and produce the content of the site. The project wants to incentivate all the professionals to do not stop searching new solutions of communication, technology and design. The select projects that are available in the site receive a high index of visibility; and the projects will be voted by usuaries and members of the Battle Design. quote from the site about page

My Personal Thought

The idea or concept of making a battle design are very well thought…not only it will give a perspective point of view of what viewers or visitors think of the also give designers some applause or rivalry on their design…come on who don’t love the challenge for being the best in battle design :mrgreen: so if you feel like it then submit your site there are and be among the best.

Similiar concept i seen was the XHTML challenge that were cover by nick from web designer wall a while back. it is also target toward the voting of visitors and give them some ability to rate the site. Another great and fresh idea coming from web design community πŸ˜€

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