Dezzain Free WordPress Theme – Box Tube

Another month gones by and here i present another free wordpress theme for all wordpress tech geek out there..well so to speak, the theme were more focusing on tech, mobile or gadget theme :mrgreen:

What should you know about the theme

box-tube are a 2 column theme with widgetize sidebar and widgetize 3 column footer. Box Space should enough to accomodate 250px wide ads such as banner or inputing 4-6 125x125px banner are also a breeze. Making in somewhat better are the plugin integration and compatible such as

  • wp-polls plugin by lester chan
  • wp-ratings plugin
  • wp-page-nav plugin
  • share-this plugin by alex king
  • wp-grin plugin
  • most commented (integrated in functions)

Some extra info you should know

Post Styling in post are well coded so any styling will be at ease, here are some styling included

  • 1. How To Use Variable Class Styling In Post?
  • Write panel > code view
  • <p class=”download”>This is download styling classes</p>
    <p class=”warning”>This is warning styling classes</p>
    <p class=”note”>This is note styling classes</p>
    <p class=”alert”>This is alert styling classes</p>
    <p class=”info”>This is info styling classes</p>
  • 2. How To Use Pullquote Left And Pullquote Right?
  • Write panel > code view
  • Pullquote-left
    <span class=”pullquote-left”>some pullquote text here</span>
  • Pullquote-right
    <span class=”pullquote-right”>some pullquote text here</span>
  • *Used span class rather than div and p tag for better implementation
  • 3. Image Class Alignleft, Alignright And Aligncenter?
  • Write panel > code view
  • Image Align Left Of Text Wrap
    <img src=”image-url” alt=”img.alt” class=”alignleft”/>
  • Image Align Right Of Text Wrap
    <img src=”image-url” alt=”img.alt” class=”alignright”/>
  • Image Align Center Clear Both Side
    <img src=”image-url” alt=”img.alt” class=”aligncenter”/>
  • 4. How To Use Caption Left And Caption Right? *image will be resize
  • Write panel > code view
  • Caption Left
    <span class=”caption-img-left”><img scr=”img_url”
    alt=”img_alt”><em>your caption text</em></span>
  • Caption Right
    <span class=”caption-img-right”><img scr=”img_url”
    alt=”img_alt”><em>your caption text</em></span>
  • *Used span class rather than div and p tag for better implementation

[notice type=”downloads”]Download The Box Tube – Blogger Template Here
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