Boosting Site SEO with Video Content

boosting site seo with video contentSome time ago everyone was talking about the move towards mobile SEO and the importance to make all sites operate as smoothly as possible for the mobile devices. Now this has been widely accepted and the evolution of things led towards incorporating video into practically all online outlets. Large companies from around the world have acknowledged this necessity. Even Comcast focuses on the streaming era. Using video in SEO makes sense but how do you do that? Here are some tips that can help you out.

Adding Video To Sites

The truth is that by simply adding video to pages you are improving the number one SEO factor, which is content. Video is seen by the large search engines as being an indicator of high quality. Search engines practically label the page as having rich media added. This is practically preferred at the moment but only in combination with text content. With this in mind, adding video to sites for SEO reasons should be done after focusing on text since it is still really important.

The Keyword Labels

Simply pasting a video in a page is not going to be enough. The search engines need to know more about it. They have to identify the video. Similarly to how images are labeled, videos should be presented through keywords. You can add them in all fields that would describe videos like file names, tags, descriptions and titles. Relevance is what search engines want to see in order to acknowledge the value added by the video.

Use Video Transcripts

This is a pretty simple and effective way to take advantage of videos and create good content for search engines. Just try to add an audio transcript in text form to the page where the video was added. This shows search engines more about the video.

Separate Video Sitemap

This is useful when you add many videos to your site. Many webmasters do not use this since they think that this creates duplicate content. What you should know is that the video sitemap is a completely different process. It is an extension of the regular sitemap that is used by the site. You can customize all metadata to include specific details like rating, age appropriateness, view count and duration.

Host Videos On YouTube

Remember that YouTube is the second largest of all the search engines in the world. At the same time, Google loves YouTube content. When you add your videos to YouTube you gain a lot more than what many think, including traffic and higher weight in rankings. Exposure of a video on this site is particularly important for the smaller sites. After adding the video to YouTube, be sure you add a link back to your site.


Videos are going to keep growing in accessibility and popularity. All people love videos, they use videos and they tend to remember videos more than images or text. Using videos in marketing strategies is a very good idea. This does include SEO and you will increase site traffic.

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