Online Marketplace for Web Developers and Designers – Codester Review

online marketplace codester reviewOne of the most young and budding online destination for web developers and designers is Codester. Off late, it has been seen to have earned interest and attention from the entire WordPress community. Being a novice marketplace, Codester gained popularity in 2015 and it has also seen some tough competition from marketplaces like Creative Market and Envato, where both have hundreds of themes to offer.

Codester is a marketplace which provides scripts, designs websites and products, plugins, extensions and themes for several CMSs (Content Management Systems) but we will only deal with the advantages of this marketplace and how it can help the WordPress community and the benefits which the developers can reap when they choose Codester. Check out the review of Codester to know what it has to offer and how it can help you reap varied benefits.

  • Code & Scripts: This specific marketplace sells codes and scripts for WordPress languages as JavaScript and PHP but they even sell scripts for Ruby, Java, Python, C#, C and even more. Such scripts can be utilized while designing management systems for schools, flash games, binary MLM applications and other sorts of applications.
  • Themes: You will also get HTML templates and exclusive themes for such CMS’s like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and others.
  • Graphics: This should interest developers and designers who don’t have good designing skills as the graphics section is replete with game assets, user interfaces, logos, icons and product mock-ups.
  • Plugins: These are similar to themes and Codester has got a wide variety of plugins for different CMS’s. If you want your website to perform in the best way possible, you can add plugins to your website.

All the above mentioned categories are replete with products which have been designed by designers and developers, studios and creative agencies which make Codester a perfect place to sell and buy digital products.

Codester – Its Homepage

If you have never visited this website, you should know that their homepage contains different elements which offer enough information on what Codester can offer its users. There is a searchbar which can be used when you’re searching for a particular item, you can search for it instead of going through all of them aimlessly.

Next, you will find a free of cost offer where Codester offers a free file once in each month. You can download it without any cost and hence this is an indeed good benefit that you should reap from Codester.

WordPress Collection of Codester

Codester provides a pretty good collection of themes of plugins from WordPress as against larger or other marketplaces. Let’s take a quick glance at what Codester offers.

  • WordPress themes: Codester has various themes for different CMS’s and it categorizes WordPress themes into 2 categories, WordPress and WooCommerce. There are 125 beautiful themes in the category of WordPress and 38 in WooCommerce. Although you may know some other platforms which have even more, Codester is also growing.
  • WordPress plugins: Like themes, Codester separates plugins into similar 2 categories, WordPress and WooCommerce. It has got a list of 60 plugins in the category of WordPress and more than 10 in WooComemrce category. The Interface Elements category is the most popular one. Prices usually range from $4 to $99 but most of them are below $19.

Therefore, if you wish to reach out to your target audience, you can take help of Codester as you will easily be able to stand out in the crowd. Codester can have a smaller base of customers but it is growing with time and very soon it is going to become the best in the marketplace.

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