Hiring a Python developer – what should you know?

python developer

A crew of good Python web developers is a real treasure! If you have one already – well, you’re the lucky ones. And if you’re completing your team, the tips below may help you find the best specialists and verify their skills.

The demand for particular programming languages fluctuates due to the market changes, but some never lose popularity. That’s the case with Python, one of the most popular languages in the IT world. Becoming a python developer is the right move for any tech enthusiast who wants a steady income source. The tech industry never lacks vacancies for Python professionals, and there’s a reason for that.

Before we point out aspects to pay attention to when searching for the Python web development specialist, let’s take a closer look at Python itself to understand it better.

Python – what are the specifics of this programming language?

Python is the oldest of the languages that are currently in wide use. Python was developed in 1990, five years before Ruby, Java, JS, and PHP. Yet, contrary to many languages that emerged, it has maintained its strong position.

Why? The main reason is that it’s considered perfect for machine learning, and the demand for ML technologies has been rapidly increasing in recent years. But, of course, python web development finds its application in Big data as well – and let’s not forget that data scientist was named the hottest career in most industry rankings last year!

What makes Python stand out among the languages listed above? Here are some fundamental features:

  • shallow learning curve
  • wide variety of Python libraries and web frameworks
  • versatility (it’s perfect for scripting, creating data structures and algorithms, and much more)
  • big scalability potential
  • great performance and speed

What competencies should the Python web developer have?

If you’re developing web applications that use machine learning to automate processes, you most likely will need not one but a few experienced Python developers. Also, for many fintech and big data projects, Python professionals are an essential part of the team. Which skills should they have?

  • JavaScript, CSS and HTML skills
  • familiarity with core Python concepts such as data structures, OOPS, generators, iterators, variables, data types, exception handling, and file handling concepts
  • familiarity with various Python web frameworks (mainly Django and Flask)
  • familiarity with various Python libraries (NumPy, Matplotib, SciPy, Scikit learn, pandas) that refer to your project
  • good understanding of the multiprocess architecture

Plus, let’s not forget about the soft skills of the web developer! Working in a team, communicating transparently, and feedback is essential to good cooperation.

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