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What if there was a way to boost your customer base and triplicate your company’s income right now, spending no more than 10 minutes of your time?

It is incredible how many ways of communication exist nowadays. People chat through various social media channels, chatbots, messengers, Email, mobile phones. And it helps us to make connections all around the world, but it might not be such a good thing for businesses.

Modern companies have to develop more and more ways to attract and retain customers. To do that, they have to offer their customers as many options as they can, provide personalized services, and try to reach their expectations and exceed them. And it is exactly what is for. is a live chat platform. As you might have guessed, “Omni” means “everything, many”, so this omnichannel customer service software allows you to communicate with your customers or potential customers through various channels without interruptions and losing valuable contacts.

So, how can benefit my business?

Stay in contact with your customers no matter what

Now, you probably know how the live chats work normally?

As long as a client keeps texting, everything is okay. But once he closes the tab in his browser, your operators will lose the contact with him as well as the history of the conversation.

  • as an omnichannel software solves this problem. The history of a conversation is saved automatically in the chat. Also, a client is suggested to leave his Email, WhatsApp number, or any other messenger or social media source that can be used at any time by the operators to help him.
  •   The platform then connects all the messaging systems in one board and chooses the best one to respond to a client. Basically, it analyses which messaging system the client is using at the moment and automatically shifts you to it.

So, even when a client closes the website in his browser, operators will know how to reach him and what to start the next conversation from

Higher customer retention rate

  •   You can collect as much data as you need from every person texting in the live chat with the use of In terms of a business, it is one of the best things you can do to adopt a more personalized approach to every customer.

This will lead to higher customer satisfaction and, as a result, the retention rate. Customers will not feel abandoned and not taken care of. The more attention and support you provide, the more loyal they will become to your company.

Facilitate coordination in your customer support team & improve its performance

Customer support can be tricky sometimes due to a human factor. When the operators are online, a client will get help. But once they have a break or need to leave a laptop, a client will not be attended, and your company will lose him.

  •       With an operator can start chatting with a client on his laptop, continue on his mobile phone while having a coffee break, and hand it over to a colleague once he finishes his shift.

It will improve the coordination between the members of the team and create a continuous flow of communication between the company and its clients. It may also optimise the time and effort of your customer support team and increase its satisfaction rate.

Increase profits

Customer satisfaction is a key to improving a company’s income. And from the first day of implementing, you will notice the difference. This omnichannel customer service software will let your company:

  • Maximise the conversion rate
  • Minimise the number of abandoned carts
  • Create customer loyalty

 What is the price? is a free live support software, meaning that the free version is enough for you to start with. You will start making profits from the first days of using this platform even with the free tier.

But in case you want to take advantage of the more advanced features, the price will be $29.99 (paying monthly) or $299.99 (paying annually).

Here is a brief comparison of both options. Just choose the one you find more beneficial for your business.

Free version

It is perfect for small businesses and start-ups that still do not have a large inflow of customers. The features it includes are the following:

  1.     Operator Workplace
  • 1 operator
  •  iOS App
  •  Android App
  • MacOS App
  • Windows App
  1.     Messages Workflow
  •  Outgoing Email to offline visitors
  • Incoming Email from offline visitors
  • Unlimited history
  • Attachments as videos or documents
  •  Screenshots
  • No new chats for old conversations
  • Cross-browser customizable Widget
  1.     Extra Features
  • Customer reviews
  • Joomla plugin
  • WordPress plugin

Paid version

 Why should you consider it? Paid version will be a perfect solution if you want to implement additional channels to your customer support and have multiple operators in your team. The features it includes are the following:

  • Multiple operators
  • Integration with WhatsApp
  • White label chatbox
  • Private Email domain
  • Private phone number (coming soon)

Okay, I want to give it a try, how can I start using

Step 1.

Sign up on the website and create an account.

Step 2.

Install on your website. To do it, you need to add a JavaScript snippet to your website or install it as a free plugin for WordPress.

Step 3.

Now create a widget for a live chat in the Admin Panel and invite your colleagues.

… and that is it! You are all set to chat with your customers, increase the performance and profitability of your business.

Summing up, the importance of clients for businesses is undeniable, isn’t it? And with the growth of competition, their loyalty is getting even more important. Omnichannel customer support platforms in this sense are extremely useful for a company because they help it to become more customer-centric.

Are you already convinced to start using Just give it a try, and you will not be disappointed!

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