Internet Insights: Designing Ways to Make Your Website a Lead Generating Machine

lead generating website design tips guidesIt’s a great thing to have a website for your company. It is the outward face of your business and shows visitors what you’re all about. But it’s really not worth much unless it’s drawing traffic and generating new leads which you can convert to customers. Here are some great ways to make your website more effective in terms of picking up new leads and customers.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Implementing SEO on your website will make a tremendous difference to the amount of traffic you draw. That means using keywords. So what exactly are keywords and how do they work? When you are looking for something on the Internet, you use a search engine, such as Bing or Google. You enter words relative to what you’re looking for. The search engine sifts through its database and displays results that match the keywords you typed in. You will have noticed that the more keywords you type in, and the more specific the phrase, the more fine-tuned your search results are and the information is more relevant to you.

By using keywords throughout your web content and in your blog posts, you can increase your traffic, but only if you use the right words and phrases. So how do you know which ones to use? The best way to do it is to use a Keyword Research Tool. Once you’ve found relevant keywords, you need to place them strategically throughout your website. Good places to put them are in meta-descriptions, body tags, page titles, and URL structure.

Create a Company Logo

Your company logo is an icon designed to draw attention to your brand and help people remember it. An artfully crafted logo will enable people to recognize your brand immediately. It can be used in many different aspects of marketing your business, including your website, business cards, billboards, newsletters, commercials, and company stationary. So what are the constituents of a logo? A good logo has three key components:

  • It’s easy to reproduce: Think simple but memorable.
  • It’s appropriate: It should represent your company.
  • It’s memorable: You want everyone who sees it to think of your brand.

Even if you are a small business, having a company logo will help you appear professional and well established. It will also increase your chances of gaining venture capital or selling your company down the road. Of course, it will make your company more memorable and will endear your customers to your company name. It might all seem a little overwhelming and you may be worried you’re going have to pay thousands of dollars to have a company logo made. Well, the good news is, you can do it yourself for free. Simply check out this online logo designer. It will let you import your own graphics or use the preloaded ones, you can also add text and background colors.

Make The Most of Social Media

Generating leads is all about bringing people to your sales funnel. So it’s important to get to know what your target audience’s interests are, which products you could sell to them and how you can convert them into customers. Before the Internet, lead generation pretty much consisted of having people fill out surveys. Now everything has changed and you can use social media as one of your strategies for drawing people into your sales funnel. One of the great things about that is, since is all done online, you can see results much faster. There are a number of ways you can use social media to generate leads:

  • Twitter chats: These are scheduled discussions hosted by a Twitter Each chat uses a unique hashtag so readers can follow the thread. You can generate leads either by participating in twitter chats with people in your industry or by starting your own chat thread.
  • LinkedIn groups: This is a good place to find your industry or subject areas and join like-minded groups. Look for people within your industry that ask a lot of questions about your field and for those who genuinely need help, so you can share your expertise.
  • Facebook advertising: You can use Facebook to help you generate leads by posting quality content and engaging in one-on-one conversations with others. Highlight your blog or website on your Facebook page and share links to your latest promotional video or contest.

These are all successful ways to generate leads through your website and social media. Start using them today to reach your target audience.


Madison Hayward loves her small business and the life it affords her. As a result, she wants to assist others in getting their business dreams off the ground by posting her insights on a variety of business sites.

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