SEO Factors You Need to Consider When You Design a Web Site

seo factors you need to consider when you design a web siteSEO and web design in the modern online world need to go hand in hand. SEO optimization without good design will hurt the site. The exact opposite is also something you need to take into account. Search engine optimization is all about improving the possibility to rank your site high in results lists and web design is now connected with this because it is necessary so it has to be adapted. Here are some things you should think about, according to one of the best web design and SEO companies in the UK.

Using Keywords

Generally speaking, you want to have the keywords you target present in title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, the domain, business slogans, menus, navigation, graphic descriptions, link title attributes and bullet points, among many others. From a web design point of view you are mainly interested in appearance but you have to think about how the elements you add impact the keyword usage on the entire site. Adding images without keyword based descriptions for instance is a really bad idea since you do not benefit from it. Sites that benefit from this will eventually rank higher, if everything else is done the same.

Website Navigation

A site’s navigation is vital for the SEO success noticed and web design is always connected with creating the navigation system for the visitor that wants to find something on a site. The navigation that is to be created for a site has to be perfect for both the user and the search engines. Google bots visit the site and look at internal navigation, content and links. If the site does not have a proper navigation set up, it is a sign that something is wrong for the Google bots. That is why you need to be sure you always focus on website navigation and create something that is as it should be.

File And URL Names

Customizing the web site without focusing on the URLs is a recipe for disaster in SEO. Web designers now think about so many things as they create design elements. This does include the names that are used for the files added to visuals and the URLs that are created for site pages. Folders structures also have to keep keywords in mind for optimum exposure.


This is where the connection between web design and SEO is pretty obvious. Web designers basically need to focus on optimizing images in order to get a faster load time while maintaining a proper quality. Files have to be compressed and the alt tag meta attribute is vital for the search engines. All images added to page content should be in content and have to be related to everything present. It is always a good idea to add images to the folder named Images since search engines expect this.


Whenever you do SEO work you need to think about web design and whenever designing a web site you have to be sure that search engine optimization is considered.

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